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T. V. Raman

T. V. Raman is a computer scientist who specializes in accessibility research. His research... more »

T. William Olle

T. William Olle is a British computer scientist and consultant, and President of T. William Olle... more »

Tamara Munzner

Tamara Munzner is an associate professor of Computer Science at the University of British... more »

Tao Yang

Tao Yang is an American computer scientist. Yang is the Chief Scientist and Senior Vice... more »

Ted Lewis

Ted Lewis is an American computer scientist and mathematician. A professor at the Naval... more »

Ted Selker

Edwin Joseph Selker, better known as Ted Selker, is an American computer scientist known for his... more »

Terence Parr

Terence John Parr is a professor of computer science at the University of San Francisco. He is... more »

Terry Halpin

Terence Aidan Halpin is an Australian computer scientist who is known for his formalization of... more »

Terry Sejnowski

Terrence Joseph Sejnowski is an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and is the... more »

Terry Welch

Terry Archer Welch was an American computer scientist. Along with Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv,... more »

Terry Winograd

Terry Allen Winograd is an American professor of computer science at Stanford University, and... more »

Thomas E. Anderson

Thomas E. Anderson is an American Computer Scientist noted for his research on distributed... more »

Thomas E. Kurtz

Thomas E. Kurtz was a Dartmouth professor of mathematics and a computer scientist, who along... more »

Thomas H. Cormen

Thomas H. Cormen is the co-author of Introduction to Algorithms, along with Charles Leiserson,... more »

Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA, DFBCS, also known as "TimBL", is... more »

Tim Bray

Timothy William Bray is a Canadian software developer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Open Text... more »

Tim Finin

Timothy Wilking Finin is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the... more »

Tim Howes

Tim Howes is the co-inventor of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, the Internet standard... more »

Tim Roughgarden

Tim Roughgarden is Assistant Professor of Computer Science and, by courtesy, of Management... more »

Timothy Budd

Timothy Budd is an associate professor of computer science at Oregon State University. He is the... more »

Timothy J. Hickey

Timothy J Hickey is a professor of computer science and Chair of the Computer Science and... more »

Timothy M. Chan

Timothy Moon-Yew Chan is Professor and University Research Chair in the David R. Cheriton School... more »

Tom Cross

Tom Cross, also known as Decius, is an American computer security expert and hacker. more »

Tom Gruber

Thomas Robert Gruber is an American computer scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur with a focus... more »

Tom Maibaum

Thomas Stephen Edward Maibaum FRSA is a computer scientist. Maibaum has an undergraduate degree... more »

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