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Hadrianus was the son of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Roman Empress Faustina the Younger. more »

Hadrianus Junius

Hadrianus Junius, also known as Adriaen de Jonghe, was a Dutch physician, classical scholar,... more »

Hadzhi Dimitar

Dimitar Nikolov Asenov, better known as Hadzhi Dimitar, was one of the most prominent Bulgarian... more »

Hae Buru of Dongbuyeo

Hae Buru was king of Bukbuyeo and founder of Dongbuyeo, an ancient Korean kingdom. Hae Buru took... more »


Haerehuka was a New Zealand tribal leader, warrior and orator. more »

Hafiz Mazhar Husain

Hafiz Mazhar Husain was Chief Justice at Bhopal state during the period of Nawab Sultan Jahan Begum. more »

Hafiz Rahmat Khan Barech

Hafiz Rahmat Khan Barech was Regent of Rohilkhand in North India, from 1749 to 1774. He was a... more »

Hafize Salman

Hafize Salman is the mother of actor İlyas Salman. more »

Hafize Taş

Hafize Taş is the former wife of Erol Taş. more »

Hafs Ibn El Moghirah Al Makhzomi Al Korshi

Hafs Ibn El Moghirah Al Makhzomi Al Korshi was the husband of Hind bint Utbah. more »

Hafsa bint Abd-Allah

Hafsa bint Abd-Allah is the daughter of Abdullah ibn Umar. more »

Hafsa bint al-Zubayr

Hafsa bint al-Zubayr was the daughter of Zubayr ibn al-Awam. more »

Hagbard Emanuel Berner

Hagbard Emanuel Berner was a Norwegian jurist, politician and newspaper editor. He initiated a... more »

Hagbarth Schjøtt, Sr.

Hagbarth Schjøtt, Sr. was a Norwegian businessperson. He was born in Bergen, and took his... more »


According to Plutarch, Hagnothemis was the authority upon which rested the belief that Antipater... more »

Hagop Kazazian Pasha

Hagop Kazazian Pasha was a high-ranking Ottoman official of Armenian origin who served as the... more »

Hagop Kevorkian

Hagop Kevorkian was an Armenian-American archeologist, connoisseur of art, and collector,... more »

Hai Rui

Hai Rui was a Chinese official of the Ming Dynasty. In China he has been remembered as a model... more »

Haia Lifşiţ

Haia Lifşiţ or Lifschitz was a Russian-born Romanian communist who died as a result of a hunger... more »

Haidar Qassāb

Haidar Qassāb was the head of the Sarbadars of Sabzewar from 1355/56 until his death. more »

Haidara Kontorfilli

Haidara Kontorfilli was a Sierra Leonean charismatic Islamic religious reformer and an... more »

Haile Melekot

Haile Malakot was Negus of Shewa, a historical region of Ethiopia, from 12 October 1847 until... more »

Haile Selassie Gugsa

Haile Selassie Gugsa was an army commander and a member of the Royal family of the Ethiopian Empire. more »

Haim Kantorovitch

Haim Kantorovitch was an American socialist teacher, writer, and Marxist theoretician... more »

Haim Nathan Dembitzer

Haim Nathan Dembitzer was a Polish Galician rabbi and historian. more »

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