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Håkon Christie

Håkon Andreas Christie was a Norwegian architect. Christie was a scholar of the history of... more »

Håkon Five

Håkon Martin Henriksen Five was a Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party. He was Minister of... more »

Håkon Grjotgardsson

Håkon Grjotgardsson, nicknamed Håkon the Rich was the son and heir of Grjotgard Herlaugsson... more »

Håkon Hoff

Håkon Hoff was a Norwegian newspaper editor and politician for the Labour Party. He was born in... more »

Håkon Wexelsen

Håkon Wexelsen was a Norwegian plant geneticist. He was born in Bærum. He took the dr.agric... more »

Håkonson Lars Tveit

Håkonson Lars Tveit was the father of Geirr Tveitt. more »

Hakuchō Masamune

Hakuchō Masamune, a pseudonym of Tadao Masamune was a noted Japanese critic, novelist, and... more »

Hal E. Hoss

Hal Elden Hoss was an American journalist and politician in the state of Oregon. A native of... more »

Hal Thirlaway

Henry 'Hal' Ivison Shipley Thirlaway was a British seismologist. He did extensive work on the... more »

Hal Ziegler

Hal Ziegler was an American politician. Born in Jackson, Michigan, Zieger was a lawyer. He also... more »

Halah bint Wahb

Halah bint Wahb ibn Abd Manaf ibn Zuhrah was one of 'Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim's wives. She... more »

Halcourt Horton Hutton

Halcourt Horton Hutton was the son of Blanche Horton and Edward Francis Hutton. more »

Halder Kirby

Halder Smith Kirby was a Canadian ice hockey player, doctor and druggist. He was a co-founder of... more »

Haldor Børve

Haldor Larsen Børve was a Norwegian architect. He was born in Ullensvang. Among his works is the... more »

Haldor Johan Hanson

Haldor Johan Hanson was an American hymn writer, publisher and author. more »

Haldur Grüner

Haldur Ragnvald Grüner was the founder of Grüners Handelsakademi, a business school in... more »

Hale Horatio Shephard

Sir Hale Horatio Shephard was a British lawyer who served as the Advocate-General of the Madras... more »

Hale Johnson

Attorney Hale Johnson, was an American politician. He was born in Montgomery County, Indiana and... more »

Halet Efendi

Mehmet Sait Halet Efendi was an Ottoman diplomat and politician, ambassador to Paris from 1803... more »

Halfdan Egedius

Halfdan Egedius was a Norwegian painter and illustrator. more »

Halfdan Holth

Halfdan Holth was a Norwegian veterinarian. He was born in Nord-Odal, Hedmark. He became a... more »

Halfdan Hvitbeinn

Halfdan Whiteshanks was a mythical petty king in Norway, described in the Ynglinga saga. The... more »

Halfdan Lehmann

Halfdan Lehmann was a Norwegian state secretary 1879-1906, temporary councillor of state to the... more »

Halfdan Ragnarsson

Halfdan Ragnarsson, or Halfdene to the Anglo-Saxons, was a Viking chief and one of the sons of... more »

Hali I of the Maldives

Al-Sultan Hali Kalaminjaa I Siri Singaa Abaarana Maha Radun or Al-Sultan Ali II Siri Singaa... more »

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