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R. Padmanaban

R. Padmanabhan was one of the pioneers of South Indian Film Industry. He initially started... more »

R. Palmer Beasley

Robert Palmer Beasley was a physician, public health educator and epidemiologist whose work on... more »

R. R. M. Carpenter, Jr.

Robert Ruliph Morgan Carpenter, Jr. was an owner and club president of the Philadelphia Phillies... more »

R. Ramachandra Rao

Diwan Bahadur Raghunatha Rao Ramachandra Rao was an Indian civil servant, mathematician and... more »

R. Ravimohan

R. Ravimohan is an Indian corporate executive of financial and risk management. He was known for... more »

R. S. Rose

R. S. Rose was the father of Bayonne Whipple. more »

R. Smith Simpson

Robert Smith Simpson was an American career Foreign Service Officer who left the diplomatic... more »

R. T. V. Bowman

Randolph T. V. Bowman was an instructor in forge and foundry at Clemson Agricultural College of... more »

R. W. Scott McLeod

Robert Walter Scott McLeod, known as Scott McLeod, headed the U.S. Department of State's Bureau... more »

R. Wayne Gardner

Robert Wayne Gardner was a minister, an academic, and the president of the Eastern Nazarene College. more »

R. Whidden Ganong

Rendol Whidden Ganong, CM was a Canadian businessman from the Province of New Brunswick. Known... more »

R.A. Mangkarawati

R.A. Mangkarawati was the wife of Hamengkubuwana III and mother of Diponegoro. more »

R.A. Retnakumala

R.A. Retnakumala was the wife of Diponegoro. more »

R.A. Retnodewati

R.A. Retnodewati was the wife of Diponegoro. more »

R.A.C. Smith

Robert Alexander Conrad Smith was the Commissioner of Docks in New York City and a member of the... more »

R.A.E. Greenshields

Robert Alfred Ernest Greenshields, KC was Chief Justice of the Superior Court of the Province of... more »

R.B.D. Blakeney

Brigadier-General Robert Byron Drury Blakeney, generally known as R.B.D. Blakeney, was a British... more »

R.H. Leler

R. H. Leler was onboard TWA Flight 694 on January 12, 1955 when it collided with Castleton... more »

R.K. Kieseritzky

R. K. Kieseritzky was a Russian chess master. He took 11th at Barmen 1905, competed in the Fifth... more »


R.L. was the father of Gale Page. more »

R.L. Corley

R.L. Corley was the father of Pat Corley. more »

R.Q. Dickerson

Roger Quincey Dickerson was an American jazz trumpeter. Dickerson was raised in St. Louis,... more »

Rabanus Maurus

Rabanus Maurus Magnentius, also known as Hrabanus or Rhabanus, was a Frankish Benedictine monk,... more »

Rabban Hormizd

Saint Rabban Hormizd, or Rabban Hormizd the Persian, was an East Syrian monk who lived in the... more »

Rabbeinu Tam

Jacob ben Meir, best known as Rabbeinu Tam, was one of the most renowned French Tosafists, a... more »

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