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Wally Rippel

Wally E. Rippel is a long-time developer and advocate of battery electric vehicles. Wally has a... more »

Walter H. Schottky

Walter Hermann Schottky was a German physicist who played a major early role in developing the... more »

Wanchat Padungrat

Wanchat Padungrat is an electrical engineer who owns the Thai-language website Pantip.com. more »

Wilbur Anglemyer

Wilbur Anglemyer is the father of Kenneth Anger. more »

Wildman Whitehouse

Edward Orange Wildman Whitehouse was an English surgeon, better-known for his ultimately... more »

Wilfred Corrigan

Wilfred J. Corrigan is a British engineer and entrepreneur, known for founding and running LSI... more »

William Eccles

William Henry Eccles FRS was a British physicist and a pioneer in the development of radio... more »

William Eddins McMath

William Eddins McMath was an electrical engineer. more »

William F. Roe

William F. Roe, electrical engineer who led the rural electrification scheme in Ireland, was... more »

William H. Doherty

William H. Doherty was an American electrical engineer noted for his invention of the Doherty... more »

William H. G. Bullard

William Hannum Grubb Bullard was an admiral of the United States Navy, whose service included... more »

William Hayward Pickering

William Hayward Pickering ONZ KBE was a New Zealand born rocket scientist who headed Pasadena,... more »

William Henry Merrill

William Henry Merrill was an American electrical engineer who founded Underwriters Laboratories... more »

William Henry Preece

Sir William Henry Preece was a Welsh electrical engineer and inventor. Preece relied on... more »

William Le Roy Emmet

William Le Roy Emmet was an electrical engineer who made major contributions to alternating... more »

William McLellan

Colonel William McLellan CBE was a Scottish electrical engineer. Born in Palnackie, McLellan... more »

William Richards

William Richards was an electrical engineer. more »

William Stanley, Jr.

William Stanley, Jr. was an American physicist born in Brooklyn, New York. In his career, he... more »

Willis Adcock

Dr. Willis Alfred Adcock was a Canadian-American physical chemist, electrical engineer, and... more »

Willis Harman

Willis Harman was an American engineer, social scientist, academic, futurist, writer, and... more »

Willoughby Smith

Willoughby Smith was an English electrical engineer who discovered the photoconductivity of the... more »

Wilmer L. Barrow

Wilmer Lanier Barrow was an American electrical engineer, inventor, teacher, industrial manager,... more »

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