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Jacob Kershner

Jacob Kershner was the husband of Emma Goldman. more »

James Craig Anderson

James Craig Anderson was a 49-year-old African American, who was murdered by being run over, in... more »

James Vereen

James Vereen is the father of Ben Vereen. more »

Jenny Zinn

Jenny Zinn was the mother of Howard Zinn. more »

Joan Ruck

Joan Ruck is a factory worker. more »

John Carrey

John Carrey is the brother of actor Jim Carrey. more »

Jorge Horacio Messi

Jorge Horacio Messi is the father of footballer Lionel Messi. more »

Joseph Connery

Joseph Connery was a factory worker and truck driver, and the father of Sean Connery. more »

Juanita Gardere

Juanita Gardere is a factory worker and the mother of Sheila E. . more »

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