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Vanessa Crone

Vanessa Crone is a Canadian ice dancer. She skated with Paul Poirier from 2001 to 2011. They are... more »

Vanessa James

Vanessa James is a French pair skater. With partner Morgan Ciprès, she has won four... more »

Vaughn Chipeur

Vaughn Chipeur is a retired Canadian figure skater. He is the 2009 & 2010 Canadian silver... more »

Vera Bazarova

Vera Yevgenyevna Bazarova is a Russian pair skater. With partner Yuri Larionov, she is the 2012... more »

Vera Ralston

Vera Ralston was a Czech figure skater and actress. She later became a naturalized American... more »

Victoria Muniz

Victoria Muniz is an American figure skater who currently skates internationally for Puerto... more »

Victoria Sinitsina

Victoria Alexandrovna Sinitsina is a Russian ice dancer. With partner Ruslan Zhiganshin, she has... more »

Viktor Pfeifer

Viktor Pfeifer is an Austrian figure skater. An eight-time Austrian national champion, he has... more »

Viktor Romanenkov

Viktor Romanenkov is an Estonian figure skater. He is the 2008–2014 Estonian national champion. more »

Viktor Yelchin

Viktor Yelchin was a figure skater. more »

Viktoria Helgesson

Viktoria Helgesson is a Swedish figure skater. She is a four-time Nordic champion, 2011 Skate... more »

Vitali Egorov

Vitali Viktorovich Egorov is a former Soviet figure skater. He is the 1986 Skate Canada... more »

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