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Gabe Sachs

Gabe Sachs has been a writer/producer for a number of primetime television shows including... more »

Gabe Sapolsky

Gabe Sapolsky is a creative and marketing expert in the professional wrestling world. He is the... more »

Gabe Torres

Gabe Torres is a television director, television producer, film director, film producer and... more »

Gabe Turner

Gabe Turner is a film producer and film director. more »

Gabi Kubach

Gabi Kubach is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Gábor Bódy

Gábor Bódy was a Hungarian film director, screenwriter, theoretic, and occasional actor. A... more »

Gábor Csupó

Gábor Csupó is a Hungarian-born animator, writer, film director and music producer. He is... more »

Gábor Dettre

Gábor Dettre is a Television Director, Film Director, Screenwriter and Film Producer. more »

Gábor Forgács

Gabor Forgacs is a film director and writer. more »

Gábor Herendi

Gábor Herendi is a Hungarian film director. more »

Gábor Koltay

Gábor Koltay is a film director. more »

Gábor Maros

Gábor Maros is a Hungarian actor, opera-singer, film director and cinematographer. more »

Gábor Reisz

Gábor Reisz is director, screenwriter, film score composer and actor. more »

Gábor Tompa

Gábor Tompa is a Romanian theater director and teacher, born in Târgu Mureş on 8 August 1957... more »

Gabreal Franklin

Gabreal Franklin is a film producer and director. more »

Gabriel Abrantes

Gabriel Abrantes is a film director, screenwriter, film editor, actor, film producer and... more »

Gabriel Aghion

Gabriel Aghion is a French film director and screenwriter. Aghion was born in Alexandria, in... more »

Gabriel Alicto Chavez

Gabriel Alicto Chavez is a screenwriter, film editor, film director, and film producer. more »

Gabriel Arguello

Gabriel Arguello is a film director, cinematographer and film editor. more »

Gabriel Arregui

Gabriel Arregui is a film director, a screenwriter, a film editor, a casting director and a film... more »

Gabriel Auer

Gabriel Auer is a film producer, director and screenwriter. more »

Gabriel Axel

Gabriel Axel is an Oscar winning Danish film director, actor, writer and producer, best known... more »

Gabriel Azorín

Gabriel Azorín is a film director. more »

Gabriel Bartalos

Gabriel Bartalos is a film director. more »

Gabriel Barylli

Gabriel Barylli is an actor, film director, writer and screenwriter. more »

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