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H ChaseLivingston

H ChaseLivingston is a film director. more »

H Norman Hannah

H Norman Hannah is the father of David Hannay. more »

H. Anne Riley

H. Anne Riley is a film director. more »

H. B. Parkinson

H. B. Parkinson was a British film pioneer. He produced 85 films between 1918 and 1930 and... more »

H. Bruce Humberstone

H. Bruce 'Lucky' Humberstone was a movie actor, a script clerk, an assistant director, working... more »

H. Bruce Mitchell

H. Bruce Mitchell was a director of silent movies from about 1912 until the end of the silent... more »

H. Bruce Woolfe

H. Bruce Woolfe was a film producer and director. more »

H. C. Potter

Henry Codman Potter was an American theatrical producer/director and a motion picture director. more »

H. D. Premaratne

H.D. Premaratne was educated at Gurukula Vidyalaya in Kelaniya. He started his film career as a... more »

H. Dinesh

H. Dinesh is a film director. more »

H. Gordon Boos

H. Gordon Boos was a film director and actor. more »

H. Kaye Dyal

H. Kaye Dyal is a film producer, director and screenwriter. more »

H. L. N. Simha

H. L. N. Simha is a film director and screenwriter. more »

H. L. T. Quan

H. L. T. Quan is a film director. more »

H. Lee Waters

H. Lee Waters is a film director and cinematographer. more »

H. M. Reddy

H. M. Reddy produced the first south talkie movie, Bhakta Prahlada. His full name was Hanumappa... more »

H. R. Giger

Hans Rudolf "Ruedi" Giger is a Swiss surrealist painter, sculptor, and set designer. He was part... more »

H. Rabinovici

Herman Rabinovici is a film director. more »

H. S. Bhatavdekar

Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar, also known as Save dada, was the first Indian to make a film... more »

H. Scott Hughes

H. Scott Hughes is a Texas-born writer and filmmaker, as well as singer/songwriter, and... more »

H. Temple

H. Temple is a film writer. more »

H. Tjut Djalil

H. Tjut Djalil is a film director and screenwriter. more »

H. Vasu

H. Vasu is a film director. more »

H.A. Rahi

H.A. Rahi is a screenwriter and film director more »

H.D. Motyl

H.D. Motyl is a film producer, a film director and a screenwriter. more »

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