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K Rajeshwar

K Rajeshwar is a film director and a screenwriter. more »


K*West or K*WEST is a Japanese adult video director who had directed more than 150 DVD... more »

K-Michel Parandi

K-Michel Parandi, is a New York based film director, screenwriter and advertising writer known... more »

K. Ajayakumar

K. Ajayakumar is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

K. Amarnath

K. Amarnath is a film director and producer. more »

K. Asif

K. Asif was a film director, film producer and screenwriter who was famous for his work for the... more »

K. B. Tilak

K. B. Tilak was an Indian independence activist, film director and producer. His complete name... more »

K. B. Venu

K. B. Venu is a film director. more »

K. Balachander

K. Balachander is an Indian film director, screenwriter and producer. Balachander is known for... more »

K. Balakrishnan

K. Balakrishnan is a film director. more »

K. Bhagyaraj

K. Bhagyaraj is a Tamil film director, actor, writer and producer. He has directed and produced... more »

K. Brent Hill

K. Brent Hill is an actor, a film director and a film producer. more »

K. Brown

K. Brown is a film director. more »

K. C. Bascombe

K. C. Bascombe is a film director, screenwriter, and editor. more »

K. C. Bokadia

K.C. Bokadia is an Indian filmmaker who has written, produced and directed many Bollywood films... more »

K. G. George

Kulakkatil Geevarghese George is an Indian film director who work in Malayalam film. George is... more »

K. Gireesh Kumar

K. Gireesh Kumar is a screenwriter and film director in Malayalam cinema since 2005. more »

K. Hariharan

K. Hariharan is an actor, film director and producer. more »

K. Hirannaiah

K. Hirannaiah is a film director. more »

K. K. Rajeev

K. K. Rajeev is a director from the Malayalam television industry. His most famous serials are... more »

K. L. Khandpur

K. L. Khandpur was a film director. more »

K. M. Chaitanya

K.M. Chaitanya is a film director, documentary maker and theater person. His first feature film... more »

K. M. Madhusudhanan

K.M. Madhusudhanan is an Indian film maker and artist. Born in Allapuzha, a coastal district in... more »

K. Madesha

K. Madesha is a film director. more »

K. Madhu

K. Madhu is a Malayalam film director.Popular for his suspense and investigation thrillers,... more »

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