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P. Sambhasiva Rao

P. Sambhasiva Rao is a film director. more »

P. Sheshadri

P. Sheshadri is an Indian film director who works in Kannada cinema. He is known for his films... more »

P. Som Shekar

P. Som Shekar is a film director and producer. more »

P. Subramaniam

P. Subramaniam was an Indian director and producer of Malayalam films. Since the mid-1950s he... more »

P. Sukumar

P. Sukumar is a cinematographer, film producer and an actor. more »

P. T. Kunju Muhammed

P. T. Kunju Muhammed is a noted director and producer in Malayalam parallel film industry... more »

P. V. Pathy

P. V. Pathy was a film director. more »

P. Vasu

P. Vasu is an Indian director, writer, and actor who works in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and... more »

P.A. Straubinger

P.A. Straubinger is a film director, cinematographer, and film producer. more »

P.A. Thomas

P.A. Thomas is a film director. more »

P.B. Floyd

P.B. Floyd is a film producer, film director, entrepreneur, musician, photographer, talent... more »

P.B. Unni

P.B. Unni is a film director. more »

P.C. Shekhar

P.C. Shekhar is a film director. more »

P.D. Shenoy

P.D. Shenoy is a screenwriter, film director and producer. more »

P.G. Vasudevan

P.G.Vasudevan is a film director. more »

P.G. Vinda

P.G. Vinda is an Indian cinematographer and director who works in the Telugu film industry. He... more »

P.J. Castellaneta

Paul Joseph Castellaneta is an American film director, who wrote and directed the films Together... more »

P.J. Dillon

P.J. Dillon is a cinematographer, film and TV director and screenwriter. more »

P.J. Pesce

P. J. Pesce is an American film director and writer. He is also the co-creator of the MTV... more »

P.J. Pettiette

P.J. Pettiette is a producer and writer. more »

P.J. Posner

P.J. Posner is a film producer, a screenwriter and a film director. more »

P.J. Ramster

Percy John Ramster, better known as P.J. Ramster, was an Australian film director. He also ran... more »

P.L. Santoshi

P.L. Santoshi is a film director, screenwriter and lyricist. more »


Narayana is a film director. more »

P.R.S. Pillai

P.R.S. Pillai is a film director. more »

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