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Subhash Sharma

Subhash Sharma is a film director. more »

Subhendu Ghosh

Subhendu Ghosh is a film director. more »

Subhrajit Mitra

Subhrajit Mitra is a Bengali film documentary director of India. more »

Subodh Mitra

Subodh Mitra was film director. more »

Subodh Mukherjee

Subodh Mukerji was a renowned filmmaker of Bengali origin. He was the brother of the leading... more »

Subramaniam Siva

Subramaniam Siva is a film director. more »

Subramaniam Srinivasan

Subramaniam Srinivasan, popularly known by his screen name S. S. Vasan, was an Indian... more »

Subrata Acharya

Subrata Acharya is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer, film producer. more »

Subrata Sen

Subrata Sen, is a critically acclaimed Bengali Indian film director, writer, novelist and producer. more »

Sudarshan K. Rattan

Sudarshan K. Rattan is a producer, writer and director. more »

Sudarshan Lal

Sudarshan Lal directed the film Lal Chunariyaa. more »

Sudarshan Nag

Sudarshan Nag is a film director and cinematographer. more »

Sudath Mahaadivulwewa

Sudath Mahaadivulwewa is an award-winning Sri Lankan film director. He is involved in feature... more »


Sudeep, also known as Kiccha Sudeep, is an Indian actor, director, producer, script writer,... more »

Sudesh Issar

Sudesh Issar is a film director and actor. more »

Sudesh Manjrekar

Sudesh Manjrekar is a film director and an actor. more »

Sudeshna Roy

Sudeshna Roy is an actress, screenwriter, set decorator and a film director. more »

Sudhanshu Sahu

Sudhanshu Sahu is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Sudheer Varma

Sudheer Varma is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Sudhendu Roy

Sudhendu Roy is a film art director and film director. more »


Shah Zaman Khan Afridi better known as Sudhir or Lala Sudhir was a Pakistani film actor,... more »

Sudhir Mishra

Sudhir Mishra is an Indian film director and screenwriter known for directing critically... more »

Sudhir Sen

Sudhir Sen is a writer, film director and film producer. more »

Sudhish Kamath

Sudhish Kamath is a notable film critic working with the Indian daily Newspaper The Hindu and... more »

Sudin Menon

Sudin Menon is a film director. more »

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