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Suzuki Matsuo

Suzuki Matsuo is a Japanese theatre director, actor, novelist, and screenwriter. more »

Suzy Kassem

Suzy Kassem is an Egyptian-American writer, film director, philosopher, and poet. Her book, Rise... more »

Svante Grundberg

Svante Grundberg is an actor, film and theatre director. more »

Svante Tidholm

Svante Tidholm appeared in the 2003 documentary film Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers. more »

Svatopluk Innemann

Svatopluk Innemann was a Czech film director, cinematographer, screenwriter, film editor and... more »

Svatopluk Skopal

Svatopluk Skopal is an actor, theater educator and a film director. more »

Svein Rune Nyland

Svein Rune Nyland is a film director, film producer, and screenwriter. more »

Svein Scharffenberg

Svein Scharffenberg is a film director and actor. more »

Sven Augustijnen

Sven Augustijnen is a film director, screenwriter, cinematographer and film editor. more »

Sven Boeck

Sven Boeck is a screenwriter, film producer and director. more »

Sven Grønlykke

Sven Grønlykke is a film producer, film director and screenwriter. more »

Sven Lindberg

Sven Lindberg was a Swedish film actor and director. He was born and died in Stockholm, Sweden. more »

Sven Martin

Sven Martin is a film director. more »

Sven Methling

Sven Johan Methling was a Danish film director and screenwriter. The son of actor and film... more »

Sven Nuvo

Sven Nuvo is a film producer, a screenwriter, a film editor, a cinematographer, a film director... more »

Sven Nykvist

Sven Vilhem Nykvist was a Swedish cinematographer. He worked on over 120 films, but is known... more »

Sven Offen

Sven Offen is a film director. more »

Sven Pape

Sven Pape is a film editor, director and producer. more »

Sven Severin

Sven Severin is a television producer, film director and screenwriter. more »

Sven Stojanovic

Sven Nikola Stojanović is a Swedish director of Serbian origin mostly involved with Swedish TV... more »

Sven Strömersten-Holm

Sven Strömersten-Holm is an actor and film director. more »

Sven Taddicken

Sven Taddicken is a film director. more »

Sven Vinge

Sven Vinge is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Svend Abrahamsen

Svend Abrahamsen is a film producer, director, and screenwriter. more »

Svend Gade

Svend Gade was a film director and screenwriter. more »

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