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William Hurtz

William Hurtz was a film and television director. more »

William J. Cowen

William J. Cowen was a film director, author and screenwriter. more »

William J. Hole Jr.

William J. Hole Jr. is a film director. more »

William J. Humphrey

William Jonathan Humphrey was an American actor and film director. Born in Chicopee Falls,... more »

William James Craft

William James Craft was a Canadian film director and screenwriter. He directed 69 films between... more »

William Jennings

William Jennings is a screenwriter, film director and film producer. more »

William Jewell

William Jewell is a screenwriter and film director. more »

William Johnston

William Johnston is a film producer, director and editor. more »

William Joyce

William Edward Joyce is an American author, illustrator, and filmmaker. His illustrations... more »

William K. Howard

William K. Howard was an American film director, writer and producer. Howard began his work in... more »

William Karel

William Karel is a French film director and author. He is known for his historical and political... more »

William Kaufman

William Kaufman is a film director and screenwriter. more »

William Keighley

William Jackson Keighley was an American stage actor and Hollywood film director. After... more »

William Kelly

William Kelly is a film director and a film editor. more »

William Kennedy Dickson

William Kennedy Laurie Dickson was a Scottish inventor who devised an early motion picture... more »

William Klein

William Klein is an American-born French photographer and filmmaker noted for his ironic... more »

William Knight

William Knight is a film director and film producer more »

William Kronick

William Kronick is an American film and television writer, director and producer. He worked in... more »

William L. Brown

William L. Brown is a film director, producer and screenwriter. more »

William L. Nolte

William L. Nolte is a film director, actor, screenwriter and production manager. more »

William L. Stewart

William L. Stewart is a production designer, cinematographer, film director, film producer, film... more »

William Lappe

William Lappe is a film director. more »

William Lau

William Lau is a film and television director. more »

William Lawrence Hess

Will Hess is a film producer, director, and screenwriter. more »

William Lewis

William Lewis is a film director, producer, editor, screenwriter and score composer.. more »

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