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Phil Buccellato

Phil Buccellato is a film producer, editor, director, art director, and cinematographer. more »

Phil Coulloudon

Phil Coulloudon is a film editor. more »

Phil Hamer

Phil Hamer is a film editor. more »

Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes is a screenwriter, a film editor and an actor. more »

Phil Johnston

Phil Johnston is an actor, screenwriter, film producer, director and editor. more »

Phil Jutzi

Phil Jutzi was a German cinematographer and film director. Born Philipp Jutzi in Altleiningen as... more »

Phil McDonald

Phil McDonald is a film editor, television editor and screenwriter. more »

Phil Meheux

Phil Méheux, B.S.C. is an English cinematographer. He has often worked with directors John... more »

Phil Mottram

Phil Mottram is a film editor. more »

Phil Mulloy

Phil Mulloy is a British animator. He was born in Wallasey, Merseyside and studied both painting... more »

Phil Nibbelink

Phil Nibbelink is an American animator and film director as well as comic book writer and... more »

Phil Norden

Phil Norden is a film editor. more »

Phil Reynolds

Phil Reynolds is a film editor. more »

Phil Richardson

Phil Richardson is a film editor. more »

Phil Savenick

Phil Savenick is film producer, screenwriter, film editor and film director. more »

Phil Tucker

Phil Tucker was an American film director, writer, producer, and editor. While Tucker directed... more »

Phil Turk

Phil Turk is a film editor. more »

Phil Valentine

Phil Valentine is a film casting director, producer and screenwriter. more »

Philip Arkinstall

Philip Arkinstall is a film and TV editor. more »

Philip Barnard

Philip Barnard is a screenwriter and film director and editor. more »

Philip Bergström

Philip Bergström is a film editor. more »

Philip Cahn

Philip Cahn was a film and TV editor. more »

Philip Carrel

Philip Carrel is a production designer, film art director, film director, screenwriter and a... more »

Philip Charlot

Philip Charlot was a film editor. more »

Philip Cook

Philip Cook a film director, cinematographer, film editor, film producer and screenwriter. more »

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