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Claude Gauvreau

Claude Gauvreau was a Canadian playwright, poet, sound poet and polemicist. He was a member of... more »

Claude Godard

Claude Godard is an actress. more »

Claude Jobin

Claude Jobin is a film editor. more »

Claudia Abbate

Claudia Abbate is an actress. more »

Claudia Butenuth

Claudia Butenuth is an actress. more »

Claudia di Girolamo

Claudia del Carmen di Girolamo Quesney, is a Chilean actress. She studied theater in Universidad... more »

Claudia Downs

Claudia Downs is an actor. more »

Claudia Lee

Claudia Lee is an American actress, singer and songwriter best known for her role as Magnolia... more »

Claudia Martini

Claudia Martini is an actress. more »

Claudia Matschulla

Claudia Matschulla is an actress and screenwriter. more »

Claudia Portocarrero

Claudia Portocarrero, is a Peruvian cumbia dancer. She was discovered by Nilver Huarac, and has... more »

Claudia Serffert

Claudia Serffert is a background actress. more »

Claudia Sherman

Claudia Sherman is an actress. more »

Claudia Stenke

Claudia Stenke is an actress. more »

Claudia Tenorio Gonzales

Claudia Tenorio Gonzales is an actress. more »

Claudio Ermelli

Claudio Ermelli was an actor. more »

Claudio Francia

Claudio Francia was part of the cast in the 1998 film April, directed by Nanni Moretti. more »

Claudio Jaborandy

Claudio Jaborandy is an actor. more »

Claudio Parachinetto

Claudio Parachinetto is an actor. more »

Claudio Ruffini

Claudio Ruffini was an actor. more »

Claudio Schulz-Keune

Claudio Schulz-Keune is an actor. more »

Claudio Sorrentino

Claudio Sorrentino is an Italian actor and voice actor. He is the second son of Arduino and Anna... more »

Claus Nissen

Claus Nissen was an actor. more »

Claus Viller

Claus Viller is a film director. more »

Clay Drinko

Clay Drinko Is an actor. more »

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