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Carl Spore

Carl Spore is an actor. more »

Carl Voss (film extra)

Carl Voss (film extra) was an American World War I veteran who besides appearing as a film extra... more »

Carl Winterhoff

Carl Winterhoff was an American actor. He appeared in 18 films between 1909 and 1913. more »

Carla Basto

Carla Basto is a film actress. more »

Carla Camurati

Carla Camurati is a Brazilian actress and filmmaker. She became notorious for acting in several... more »

Carla Challoner

Carla Challoner is an actress. more »

Carla Egerer

Carla Egerer is an actress. more »

Carla Hawkins

Carla Hawkins is an actress. more »

Carla Lupi

Carla Lupi is was an actress. more »

Carla Rust

Carla Rust was a German film actress. She appeared as a leading lady in a number of films during... more »

Carlheinz Hargesheimer

Carlheinz Hargesheimer appeared in the 1965 film Not Reconciled. more »

Carlo Bellini

Carlo Bellini is an actor. more »

Carlo Bressan

Carlo Bressan is an actor more »

Carlo Buccirosso

Carlo Buccirosso is an Italian actor, film director and comedian best known for his roles in Il... more »

Carlo De Matteis

Carlo De Matteis is an actor. more »

Carlo Fermariello

Carlo Fermariello is a politician. more »

Carlo Giordana

Carlo Giordana is an actor. more »

Carlo Memo

Carlo Memo has appeared in the 2010 documentary film Sei Venezia. more »

Carlos Ancira

Carlos Ancira was an actor. more »

Carlos Balá

Carlos Balá is an Argentine actor who specialized in children's entertainment. Descended from... more »

Carlos Barbosa

Carlos Barbosa Romero is a Colombian theatre and television actor, born 15 January 1944 in... more »

Carlos Bazuca

Carlos Bazuca is an actor. more »

Carlos Beltrami

Carlos Beltrami appeared in the 2011 short film Ortega. more »

Carlos C. Torres

Carlos C. Torres is an actor. more »

Carlos Carrillo

Carlos Carrillo is a film editor. more »

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