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Inês Amorim

Inês Amorim appeared in the film A Chamada. more »

Ines Pellegrini

Ines Pellegrini is a retired Italian actress of Eritrean origin. more »

Inge Landgut

Inge Landgut was a German actress. She is best known for playing Pony Hütchen in Emil and the... more »

Ingeborg Christiansen

Ingeborg Christiansen is an actress. more »

Ingeborg Körner

Ingeborg Körner is a Namibian-born German actress. more »

Ingeborg Pehrson

Ingeborg Pehrson was a Danish stage and film actress. more »

Ingeborg Strandin

Ingeborg Strandin was a Swedish opera singer and actress who was born November 18, 1881 in... more »

Inger Helene Vaaten

Inger Helene Vaaten appeared in the daKings documentary film. more »

Ingolf Rogde

Ingolf Rogde was a Norwegian actor. He was born in Sande, Møre og Romsdal, and was married to... more »

Ingrid De Vos

Ingrid De Vos is an actress. more »

Ingrid Janbell

Ingrid Janbell is a Swedish actress, director and lecturer. Janbell has worked as a professional... more »

Ingrid Schau

Ingrid Schau is a film actress. more »

Ingrid Semler

Ingrid Semler is the daughter of Dean Semler. more »

Ingrid Stein

Ingrid Stein is a film actress. more »

Ingrid Wallin

Ingrid Wallin is the wife of Sigge Fürst. more »

Inna Gulaya

Inna Iosifovna Gulaya was a Soviet theatre and cinema actress and Meritorious Artist of the RSFSR. more »

Ints Teterovskis

Ints Teterovskis is a Latvian conductor. more »

Ioan Serban

Ioan Serban is an actor in the 1997 film The Crazy Stranger. more »

Iolanda Mascitti

Iolanda Mascitti is an actress. more »

Ippei Takahashi

Ippei Takahashi is an actor. more »

Iqbal S. Hans

Iqbal Hans is a film director. more »

Iqbal Sapru

Iqbal Sapru played a role in the film Bara-Dari. more »

Ira Henderson

Ira Henderson is a voice actor. more »

Irby Smith

Irby Smith is a film producer. more »

Irene Arcila

Irene Arcila is an actress. more »

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