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Natalia Tudge

Natalia Tudge she began her career as an actress in Canadian independent films and attended the... more »

Natalia Wojcik

Natalia Wójcik is the voice of the character Annie on the Disney Junior animated series entitled... more »

Natalie Ardanaz

Natalie Ardanaz appeared in the 2012 short film Bad Movie. more »

Natalie Blackman

Natalie Blackman is a film actress. more »

Natalie Compagno

Natalie Compagno is an actress. more »

Natalie Darryl

Natalie Darryl was an American actress who made her only screen appearance in the 1957... more »

Natalie Friisdahl

Natalie Friisdahl appeared in the 1994 film Little Women. more »

Natalie Hultman

Natalie Hultman is an actress. more »

Natalie Joyce

Natalie Joyce was an American movie actress from Norfolk, Virginia. She was a cousin of movie... more »

Natalie Shiyanova

Natalie Shiyanova is a Russian actress. Shiyanova trained at the Moscow Art Theatre from 1998 to... more »

Natalie Smyka

Natalie Smyka is an actress. more »

Natalie Trott

Natalie Trott is a film actor. more »

Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker is an Australian actress. Walker studied at the renowned Ivana Chubuck Studios in... more »

Natalya Fateeva

Natalya Fateeva is an actress. more »

Natalya Naumova

Natalya Naumova is the daughter of Natalya Belokhvostikova and Vladimir Naumovich Naumov. more »

Natalya Nikulenko

Natalya Nikulenko is an actress. more »

Natan Zahavi

Natan Zahavi is a film producer, editor and actor. more »

Nataša Gollová

Nataša Gollová was a Czechoslovak film actress. She appeared in 55 films and television shows... more »

Natascha Graf

Natascha Graf is an actress. more »

Natascha Lawiszus

Natascha Lawiszus is an actress. more »

Natasha Bell

Natasha Bell is an English actress starring in many TV films throughout the 1980s, 90s and into... more »

Natasha Geffen

Natasha Geffen is the daughter of Yehonatan Geffen. more »

Natasha Hallett

Natasha Hallett appeared in the 2000 Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man film. more »

Natasha Kassyutina

Natasha Kassyutina appeared in the 2003 film Stuck on You. more »

Natasha M. Dyer

Natasha M. Dyer is a costume designer. more »

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