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W.A. Bishop

W.A. Bishop was a Canadian First World War flying ace. more »

W.C. 'Chunky' Huse

W.C. 'Chunky' Huse made an appearance in the 1979 film Moonraker. more »

W.D. Mochtar

W.D. Mochtar was an actor. more »

Waage Sandø

Waage Sandø is an acclaimed Danish theatre, film and television actor. Sandø, son of a tavern... more »

Waclaw Zastrzezynski

Waclaw Zastrzezynski was an actor. more »

Wade Hampton

Wade Hampton is a music supervisor. more »


Wadilal is a film actor. more »

Wajma Soroor

Wajma Soroor is appeared in the film Crossroads. more »

Wakila Maan

Wakila Maan appeared in the film Woman from the East. more »

Walanlak Kumsuwan

Walanlak Kumsuwan is an actor. more »

Wall Levy

Wall Levy is a film actor. more »

Wally Cole

Wally Cole is a voice actor. more »

Wally Fields

Wally Fields is a voice actor. more »

Wally Jay

Wally Jay was an American martial artist who primarily studied and taught jujutsu and judo. He... more »

Wally K. Berns

Wally K. Berns was an actor. more »

Wally Newman

Wally Newman is a voice actor. more »

Walt Ruloff

Walt Ruloff is a film producer more »

Walter 'DeMiggs' Patterson

Walter 'DeMiggs' Patterson appeared in the 2002 film State Property. more »

Walter A. Johnson

Walter A. Johnson appeared in the 2001 film The Forsaken. more »

Walter Ackerman

Walter Ackerman was an American actor. He appeared in 7 films between 1909 and 1933. He was born... more »

Walter Benn

Walter Benn is a film actor. more »

Walter Bluhm

Walter Bluhm was a German film and television actor. more »

Walter Buschhoff

Walter Buschhoff was an actor. more »

Walter Claessens

Walter Claessens was an actor. more »

Walter Eccles

Walter Eccles is an actor. more »

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