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Terence Fisher

Terence Fisher was a film director who worked for Hammer Films. He was born in Maida Vale, a... more »

Terence Gross

Terence Gross is a film director and a screenwriter. more »

Terence H. Winkless

Terence H. Winkless is a producer, director, and writer of motion pictures and television, and... more »

Terence Harrison

Terence Harrison is a film and television director. more »

Terence Heuston

Terence Heuston is an actor, screenwriter, and film director. more »

Terence Hill

Terence Hill is an Italian actor. He is best known for starring in multiple action and western... more »

Terence M. O'Keefe

Terence M. O'Keefe is a film producer,film director,screenwriter and actor. more »

Terence Macartney-Filgate

Terence Macartney-Filgate is a film director and producer, a cinematographer, and a screenwriter. more »

Terence Nance

Terence Nance is a film director, film producer, film editor, film score composer, screenwriter... more »

Terence Ross

Terrence Ross is an actor and a film producer. more »

Terence Ryan

Terence Ryan is a British film director, writer, and producer. He has written, directed and... more »

Terence Young

Shaun Terence Young was a British film director and screenwriter best known for directing three... more »

Teresa Arredondo

Teresa Arredondo is a film director, producer and cinematographer. more »

Teresa de Pelegrí

Teresa de Pelegrí is a screenwriter and film director. more »

Teresa Fabik

Teresa Fabik is a screenwriter and a film director. more »

Teresa Hubbard

Teresa Hubbard is a film director, film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, and production... more »

Teresa Kotlarczyk

Teresa Kotlarczyk is a film director and television director. more »

Teresa MacInnes

Teresa MacInnes is a film director, film producer and a film editor. more »

Teresa Pinto

Teresa Pinto is a film director and a set decorator. more »

Teresa Serrano

Teresa Serrano is a film director. more »

Teresa Villaverde

Teresa Villaverde is a Portuguese film director. Her film Os Mutantes was screened in the Un... more »

Terese Aiello

Terese Aiello is an actress, film director and screenwriter. more »

Terese Cuff

Terese Cuff is a film director and teacher. more »

Teresio Spalla

Teresio Spalla is a film director. more »

Teressa Tunney

Teressa Tunney is an actress. more »

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