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Zoltán Huszárik

Zoltán Huszárik was an influential Hungarian film director, screenwriter, visual artist and... more »

Zoltán Kamondi

Zoltán Kamondi is a Hungarian film director, actor screenwriter and producer. He was born in... more »

Zoltan Korda

Zoltan Korda was a Hungarian-born motion picture screenwriter, director and producer. He made... more »

Zoltan Paul

Zoltan Paul is an actor, screenwriter, and film director. more »

Zoltan Sostai

Zoltan Sostai is a film director, film producer and screenwriter. more »

Zoltan Spirandelli

Zoltan Spirandelli is a TV director. more »

Zoltan Szalkai

Zoltán Szalkai, a Hungarian film director, was born in 1961. He studied agriculture and geology... more »

Zoltán Szilágyi Varga

Zoltán Szilágyi Varga is a Hungarian graphic artist and animation director. He has received Béla... more »

Zoltán Toepler

Zoltán Toepler ist ein ungarischer Filmemacher. Eines seiner bekanntesten Werke ist der Film... more »

Zoltán Várkonyi

Zoltán Várkonyi was a Hungarian actor and film director. In 1961, he was a member of the jury at... more »

Zong-de Wu

Zong-de Wu is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Zoot Derks

Zoot Derks is a film editor, film producer, cinematographer and film director. more »

Zoran Amar

Zoran Amar is an a Serbian American film director and a professor at the School of Visual Arts. more »

Zoran Calic

Zoran Calic is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Zoran Dragelj

Zoran Dragelj is an award winning independent filmmaker/videographer and author from Vancouver,... more »

Zoran Perisic

Zoran Perisic is a film director and part of the film visual effects crew. more »

Zoran Solomun

Zoran Solomun is a screenwriter, film director and film producer. more »

Zoran Sudar

Zoran Sudar is a screenwriter, film director, and television director. more »

Zornitsa Sophia

Zornitsa Sophia is a film director. more »

Zou Peng

Zou Peng is a film director and screenwriter. more »

Zouhaier Mahjoub

Zouhaier Mahjoub is a film director, film producer and cinematographer. more »

Zoya Akhtar

Zoya Akhtar is a contemporary Indian film director. She made her debut as director with... more »

Zoya Fomina

Zoya Fomina was the wife of Eldar Ryazanov. more »

Zozana Bahulova

Zozana Bahulova is a film director. more »

Zózimo Bulbul

Zozimo Bulbul is an actor. more »

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