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Daniel Stahl

Daniel Stahl is an American game designer best known for creating German-style board games. In... more »

Danielle Bunten Berry

Danielle Bunten Berry, born Daniel Paul Bunten, and also known as Dan Bunten, was an American... more »

Dave Arneson

David Lance "Dave" Arneson was an American game designer best known for co-developing the first... more »

David A. Hargrave

David Allen Hargrave, known as The Dream Weaver, was a prolific and sometimes controversial game... more »

David G. Watts

David G. Watts is a Welsh games designer and publisher. Originally a school geography teacher at... more »

David Humpherys

David Humpherys is a former professional Magic: The Gathering player from the United States... more »

David Jones

David has been involved in the video game industry since 1983. He is well known for his past... more »

David L. Adams

David L. Adams, is an American video game designer best known for his work on Darksiders and... more »

David Parlett

David Parlett is a games scholar from South London, who has studied both card games and board... more »

David Sirlin

David Sirlin is a game designer from California. He balanced the popular video games Super... more »

David Wesely

David Wesely is a wargamer, board game designer, and video game developer. Dave Arneson credited... more »

Denys Fisher

Denys Fisher was an English engineer who invented the spirograph toy and created the company... more »

Dirk Henn

Dirk Henn is a German-style board game designer who was born in Bendorf, Germany Dirk Henn is... more »

Don Greenwood

Don Greenwood is a board game designer and was a pioneer editor among commercial board-wargaming... more »

Don Lowry

Don Lowry is a wargamer, businessman, illustrator, and game designer who is best known as the... more »

Donald Featherstone

Donald F. Featherstone was a British author of more than forty books on wargaming and military... more »

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