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Aaron Koblin

Aaron Koblin is an American digital media artist best known for his innovative uses of data... more »

Abbas Kiarostami

Abbas Kiarostami is an internationally acclaimed Iranian film director, screenwriter,... more »

Abram Games

Abram Games OBE, RDI was a British graphic designer. more »

Ad Klapmuts

Ad Klapmuts is a graphic designer. more »

Adam Siegel

Adam Siegel is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, bassist, producer, actor and graphic designer... more »

Adrienne McGrane

Adrienne McGrane is a graphic designer and assistant TV art director. more »

Ahmet Ahmet

Ahmet Ahmet is an art director and a graphic designer. more »

Akara Amarttayakul

Akara Amarttayakul is a Thai film and television actor. His films include Jom kha mung wej and... more »

Akke Kumlien

Akke Kumlien, Swedish calligrapher, typographer, graphic designer, type designer, artist etc. He... more »

Akshar Pathak

Akshar Pathak is an artist and a graphic designer who creates posters of Bollywood films, based... more »

Alan Aboud

Alan Aboud is an Irish graphic designer and creative director, from Dublin, Ireland. He was... more »

Alan Aldridge

Alan Aldridge is an English artist, graphic designer and illustrator. more »

Alan Fletcher

Alan Gerard Fletcher was a British graphic designer. In his obituary, he was described by The... more »

Alan James Blethyn

Alan James Blethyn is the husband of Brenda Blethyn. more »

Alan Rickman

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman is an English actor. He is a stage actor in modern and classical... more »

Albert-Jan Pool

Albert-Jan Pool is a Dutch professional type designer. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts... more »

Albin Grau

Albin Grau was a German artist, architect and occultist, and the producer and production... more »

Aleksandar Maćašev

Aleksandar Maćašev, born in 1971, is a Serbian artist and designer known for his controversial... more »

Alex Rutterford

Alex Rutterford is a British director and graphic designer working mostly on music... more »

Alex Steinweiss

Alexander "Alex" Steinweiss was a graphic design artist known for inventing album cover art. more »

Alexandra Toomey

Alexandra Toomey is a graphic designer and set decorator. more »

Alexey Brodovitch

Alexey Cheslavovich Brodovitch was a Russian-born photographer, designer and instructor who is... more »

Alfred Pal

Alfred Pal was Croatian painter and graphic designer. more »

Alison Donalty

Alison Donalty is the cover designer for the renowned black-humored children's books A Series of... more »

Allan Fleming

Allan Robb Fleming was a Canadian graphic designer best known for having created the Canadian... more »

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