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Allan Wells

Allan Wells is a TV producer, technical director and graphic designer. more »

Allen Shechtman

Allen Shechtman is a 1986 Juno Award nominated graphic artist. more »

Allison Moore

Allison Moore is a motion graphics designer. more »

Alois Carigiet

Alois Carigiet was a Swiss graphic designer, painter, and illustrator. He may be known best for... more »

Alvin Lustig

Alvin Lustig was an American book designer, graphic designer and typeface designer. Lustig has... more »

Alvin Tresselt

Alvin Tresselt was a pioneering children's book author and graphic designer. His book White... more »

Andrea Goic

Andrea Goic is a graphic designer and visual artist. more »

Andreina Sosa-Keifer

Andreina Sosa-Keifer is an actress. more »

Andrew Blauvelt

Andrew Blauvelt is a graphic designer and curator at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis,... more »

Andrew Campbell

Andrew Campbell is a graphic designer. more »

Andrew Kumar

Design, Technology and Marketing Consultant in the greater Vancouver area. more »

Andrew McLachlan

Andrew McLachlan is a Juno Awards nominated/winning graphic designer. more »

Andy Ewan

Andy Ewan is a graphic designer. more »

Angela Tsai

Angela Tsai is an American actress and host originally from New York City. She hosted Comcast's... more »

Angus Hyland

Angus Hyland is a British graphic designer. more »

Anouk Pennel

Anouk Pennel is a Juno Award winning graphic designer. more »

Anthony Santoro

Anthony Santoro is an actor and a graphic designer. more »

Antoine Tinguely

Antoine Tinguely is an award winning title designer in the film and television industry. more »

Anton Janson

Anton Janson was a Dutch type founder and printer. The typeface Janson is named after him,... more »

Anton Stankowski

Anton Stankowski was a German graphic designer, photographer and painter. He developed an... more »

April Greiman

April Greiman is a designer. "Recognized as one of the first designers to embrace computer... more »

Aprile Lanza Boettcher

Aprile Lanza Boettcher is a visual effects artist, scenic artist, model maker and graphic designer. more »

Arlene Klasky

Arlene Klasky is an American animator, graphic designer, television producer and co-founder of... more »

armand kenneth actub


Armin Hofmann

Armin Hofmann is a Swiss graphic designer. He began his career in 1947 as a teacher at the... more »

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