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David Turner

David Turner is a graphic designer and a creative director. more »

David Wyman

David Wyman is a 1977 Juno Award nominated graphic artist. more »

Dean Haspiel

Dean Edmund Haspiel is an American comic book artist. He is known for his collaborations with... more »

Dean Motter

Dean Motter is an illustrator, designer and writer who worked for many years in Toronto, Canada,... more »

Deanne Cheuk

Deanne Cheuk is an illustrator, designer, art director and artist. She was born in Perth,... more »

Deborah Samuel

Deborah Samuel is a Juno Award winning graphic designer. more »

Dennis Hwang

Dennis Hwang, or Hwang Jeong-mok, is a graphic artist who designs the festive logos for Google... more »

Dennis Page

Dennis Page is a graphic designer. more »

Diana Doll

Diana Doll is a Slovak pornographic actress and model. Doll was previously known as Sue Diamond,... more »

Diane Stanley

Diane Stanley is an American children's author and illustrator. Stanley was born in Abilene,... more »

Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna is a Dutch author, artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Bruna is best known for... more »

Dick Ung

Dick Ung was a layout artist, a graphic designer and a television production designer. more »

Dimo Safari

Dimo Safari is a 1985 Juno Award winning graphic artist. more »

DJ Ashba

Daren Jay "DJ" Ashba is an American musician, producer, songwriter and CEO of Ashba Media. He is... more »

DK Holland

DK Holland is an American graphic designer, writer and educator who, besides working on... more »

Dorka Krasznahorkai

Dora Kopcsanyi is the second wife of László Krasznahorkai. more »

Dotan Moreno

Dotan Moreno is a film director, animator and graphic designer. more »

Doug Barron

Doug Barron is an actor. more »

Douglas Crawford McMurtrie

Douglas Crawford McMurtrie was an American typeface designer, graphic designer, historian and... more »

Dru Nget

Dru Nget is a graphic designer. more »

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