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P. R. Brown

Paul R. Brown is a graphic designer, photographer, music video & commercial director. His early... more »

P. Scott Makela

P. Scott Makela was a graphic designer, multimedia designer and type designer. Among other work,... more »

Pablo Ferro

Pablo Ferro is an American graphic designer and film titles designer. more »

Pam Bloch

Pam Bloch is a title designer. more »


Jintanutda Lummakanon is an actress, singer, model and animator. more »

Pat Gavin

Pat Gavin is a TV director. more »

Patrice Wachs

Patrice Wachs is a graphic designer and the mother of Caitlin Wachs. more »

Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy is an art director, graphic designer, photographer and businessperson. more »

Patrick Harbron

Patrick Harbron is a 1984 Juno Award nominated graphic designer. more »

Patrick LaJuett

Patrick LaJuett is the founder of a Web design and marketing agency where he supports his... more »

Paul A. Felix

Paul A. Felix is a film art director and animation background designer. more »

Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes is a graphic design and typographer. He has designed several new typefaces. more »

Paul Brady

Paul Brady is a graphic designer. more »

Paul Brooks Davis

Paul Brooks Davis is an American graphic artist. more »

Paul Frank

Paul Frank, born August 29, 1967, is an American cartoonist, artist and fashion designer. His... more »

Paul Giambarba

Paul Giambarba is an American graphic designer, cartoonist, writer and illustrator. Giambarba's... more »

Paul Hodgson

Paul Hodgson is a 1980 Juno Award nominated graphic designer. more »

Paul Kaye

Paul Kaye is an English comedian and actor. He achieved notoriety in 1995 portraying the... more »

Paul Newman

Paul Newman is a set decorator and graphic designer. more »

Paul Pavlovich

Paul Pavlovich is an American artist, graphic designer, and musician. Currently living in St... more »

Paul Rand

Paul Rand was an American art director and graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo... more »

Paul Sahre

Paul Sahre is an American graphic designer perhaps best known for his book cover designs and... more »

Paul van Dongen

Paul van Dongen is a Juno Award nominated musical artist. more »

Paula Scher

Paula Scher is an American graphic designer, painter and art educator in design, and the first... more »

Paulo Caciji

Nasci, Cresci, Reproduzi: Ainda não morri! more »

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