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R. O. Blechman

R. O. Blechman is an American animator, illustrator, children's-book author, graphic novelist... more »

Raelyn Tepper

Raelyn Tepper is a set decorator, production designer, film art director, actress and director. more »

Raffi Tiran

Raffi Tiran is a graphic designer and the father of Itay Tiran. more »

Ralph Guggenheim

Ralph Guggenheim is a video graphics designer, working for Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Electronic... more »

Raymond Ameijide

Raymond Ameijide was an American illustrator and graphic designer. He served with the U.S. Armed... more »

Raymond Hawkey

Raymond John "Ray" Hawkey was an English graphic designer and author, based in London. more »

Raymond Savignac

Raymond Savignac, often just abbreviated to "Savignac", was a French graphic artist famous for... more »

Rebecca Baird

Rebecca Baird is a 1993 Juno Award winning graphic designer. more »

Redmond A. Simonsen

Redmond Askel Simonsen was an American graphic artist and game designer best known for his work... more »

Reid Miles

Reid Miles was an American graphic designer and photographer. Reid Miles was born in Chicago on... more »

Rene Mederos

Felix René Mederos Pazos was a prominent Cuban poster artist and graphic designer. Mederos, a... more »

Rex Ray

Rex Ray is an American fine artist and graphic designer based in San Francisco. His work has... more »

Reynold Ruffins

Reynold Ruffins is an African American painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. With Milton... more »

Rian Hughes

Rian Hughes is a British graphic designer, illustrator and comics artist, noted for his work on... more »

Richard Amsel

Richard Amsel was an American illustrator and graphic designer. His career was brief but... more »

Richard Bruning

Richard Bruning is an American graphic designer and comics creator who blogs as Apple computer... more »

Richard Chartier

Richard Chartier is a sound/installation artist and graphic designer. Chartier works in... more »

Richard Dana Smith

Richard Dana Smith is a screenwriter, artist, graphic designer, film art director and an... more »

Richard Desmarais

Richard Desmarais is a Juno Awards nominated graphic designer. more »

Richard Eckersley

Richard Hilton Eckersley was a graphic designer best known for experimental computerized... more »

Richard Lipton

Richard Lipton, a native New Yorker, studied art and design at Harpur College in upstate New... more »

Rick Andreoli

Rick Andreoli is a graphic designer. more »

Rick Lecoat

Rick Lecoat is a graphic designer and the creative director of the London-based design studio,... more »

Rihards Zariņš

Rihards Zariņš was a prominent Latvian graphic artist. more »

Rini Templeton

Lucille Corinne Templeton, better known as "Rini" Templeton, was an American graphic artist,... more »

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