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S. Neil Fujita

Sadamitsu "S. Neil" Fujita was an American graphic designer known for his innovative book cover... more »

Sabine Moritz-Richter

Sabine Moritz-Richter appeared in the Gerhard Richter Painting documentary film. more »

Salim Issa

Salim Issa is a photographer and graphic designer. more »

Sally Carns

Sally Carns Gulde is an award-winning graphic designer. A native of Oklahoma and a graduate of... more »

Sam Findlay

Sam Findlay is a 2002 Juno Award nominated graphic designer. more »

Sander Plug

Sander Plug is a film director, graphic designer and artist. more »

Sándor Bortnyik

Sándor Bortnyik was a Hungarian painter and graphic designer. His work was greatly influenced by... more »

Sandrine Plympton

Sandrine Plympton is an animator, artist, graphic designer and illustrator. She is also the wife... more »

Sandy Dvore

Sandy Dvore is an American artist and graphic designer. Dvore first became well known for... more »

Sarah Micklem

Sarah Micklem is the author of the best-selling fantasy novel, Firethorn. She has also worked as... more »

Sarah Moffat

Sarah Moffat is a graphic designer and a creative director. more »

Sarah Pasquali

Sarah Pasquali is a film art director. more »

Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Wilkinson is the daughter of Deidre and Colm Wilkinson. more »

Saul Bass

Saul Bass was an American graphic designer and Academy Award winning filmmaker, best known for... more »

Saul Mandel

Saul Mandel was an Illustrator, artist, animator and graphic designer in the advertising field... more »

Schuyler Towne

M. Schuyler Towne is a competitive lockpicker and pioneer of the American Locksport movement. He... more »

Scot D. Ryersson

Scot D. Ryersson is an illustrator, graphic artist and writer. In addition to many critiques and... more »

scott allen cohen

sexxxy gay artist dog-lover in TheOC | CA | USA more »

Scott Fisk

Scott R. Fisk is an American graphic designer and educator who has taught at Memphis College of... more »

Scott Hudziak

Scott Hudziak is a graphic designer. more »

Scott Thornley

Scott Thornley is a 1983 Juno Award nominated graphic designer. more »

Sean O'Dowd

Seán O'Dowd is the father of Chris O'Dowd. more »

Sebastien Toupin

Sebastien Toupin is a Juno Award winning art director and graphic designer. more »

Secret Mommy

Andy Dixon is a Canadian artist and musician, who gained notoriety as a member of the North... more »

Seldon Hunt

Seldon Hunt is an artist best known for his photography and his graphic artwork for rock... more »

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