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Walter Tracy

Walter Valentine Tracy RDI was an English typographer and writer and designer of books,... more »

Walter Werzowa

Walter Werzowa is a graphic designer. more »

Wanda Zawidzka-Manteuffel

Wanda Zawidzka-Manteuffel was a Polish graphic artist, author of book illustrations, posters,... more »

Warren Chappell

Warren Chappell was an American illustrator, book and type designer, and author. more »

Warren Dayton

Warren Dayton is an American illustrator, artist and graphic designer best known for his posters... more »

Wayne Hatosy

Wayne Hatosy is a graphic designer. more »

Wiesław Rosocha

Wiesław Rosocha is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer. Rosocha attended Warsaw Academy of... more »

Wiesław Wałkuski

Wiesław Wałkuski is a graphic designer born in Poland. Today he is much exhibited and works as a... more »

Wiktor Sadowski

Wiktor Sadowski is a Polish artist working in poster, illustration and painting. He was born in... more »

Wilhelm Ripe

Wilhelm Ripe was a German painter and graphic designer. Ripe was born in Hahn's Klee in 1818... more »

Will Burtin

Will Burtin was a graphic designer from Cologne, Germany, known for interrelating design and... more »

Will Eastin

Will Eastin is a film art director. more »

Will Ransom

Will Ransom was an American graphic designer, letterer, typeface designer, and the foremost... more »

Will Ruocco

Will Ruocco is a Juno Awards nominated/winning illustrator and graphic designer. more »

Will Thompson

Will Thompson is an actor. more »

William Caslon

William Caslon, also known as William Caslon I, was an English gunsmith and designer of... more »

William Drenttel

William Drenttel was a designer, author, publisher, social entrepreneur and foundation... more »

William Golden

William Golden was an American graphic designer. He is best known for his work at Columbia... more »

William Morris

William Morris was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist... more »

William Shortridge Jr.

William Shortridge Jr. is a graphic designer. more »

Wojciech Fangor

Wojciech Fangor is a Polish painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and co-creator of the Polish... more »

Wojciech Zamecznik

Wojciech Zamecznik was a Polish graphic artist, architect, photographer and interior designer... more »

Wolfgang Weingart

Wolfgang Weingart is an internationally known graphic designer and typographer. His work is... more »

Włodzimierz Zakrzewski

Włodzimierz Zakrzewski was a Polish painter, graphician and poster artist. He was a professor of... more »

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