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Ahmad Abu Laban

Ahmad Abu Laban was the leader of the organisation called the Islamic Society in Denmark and a... more »


Badi'al-Zaman Abū al-'Izz ibn Ismā'īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī was a Muslim polymath: a scholar,... more »

Alexander Alexandrovich Morozov

Alexandr Aleksandrovich Morozov was a Soviet engineer and tank designer. He was in charge of the... more »

Alexander Lyman Holley

Alexander Lyman Holley was a mechanical engineer and was considered the foremost steel and plant... more »

Alfred Becker

Alfred Becker was a German engineer and artillery officer who served during the First and Second... more »

Alvin Spivak

Alvin "Al" Spivak was the son of Herman and Helen Klein Spivak. As a child, he developed a great... more »

André Chapelon

André Chapelon was a noted French mechanical engineer and designer of advanced steam... more »

Andrea Pininfarina

Andrea Pininfarina was an Italian engineer and manager, former CEO of the Italian coachbuilder... more »

Arthur Claude Ruge

Arthur Claude Ruge was an American mechanical engineer and inventor who developed and pioneered... more »

Arthur Terrence O'Brien Thompson

Arthur Terrence O'Brien Thompson was the father of film actress and producer Merle Oberon. more »

Ascher H. Shapiro

Ascher H. Shapiro was a professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He grew up in New York City... more »

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