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L. B. Billinton

Lawson Butzkopfski Billinton was the Locomotive Engineer of the London, Brighton and South Coast... more »

L.K. Dutta

L.K. Dutta is a retired military officer and father of model and actor Lara Dutta. more »

Lajtos Árpád

Árpád Lajtos was a military officer. more »

Lance Sijan

Lance Peter Sijan was a United States Air Force officer and fighter pilot. On March 4, 1976, he... more »

Lancelot Elworthy Jarman

Lancelot Elworthy Jarman was the father of Derek Jarman. more »

Larry Atkinson

Larry Atkinson was a military officer. more »

Larry Cullen

Larry Cullen is a retired Captain in the United States Marine Corps and the brother of actor... more »

Larry LaRocco

Larry LaRocco is a Democratic politician from the US state of Idaho, who served two terms in the... more »

Lars Henry Kristofferson

Lars Henry Kristofferson was an U.S. Army Air Corps officer and later an U.S. Air Force Major... more »

Laura Rapaport

Laura Rapaport was a military officer and the mother of Joan Borsten. more »

Laurence Sinclair

Air Vice Marshal Sir Laurence Frank Sinclair GC, KCB, CBE, DSO & Bar was awarded the George... more »

Lauri Tiainen

Lauri Taavetti Tiainen was a Finnish Colonel during World War II. Tiainen joined the Jaeger... more »

Laurie Sapper

Laurie Sapper was a British trade unionist. Born in Hammersmith, Sapper worked as a Senior... more »

Lawrence E. Roberts

Lawrence Edward Roberts, Sr. was a pilot with the Tuskegee Airmen and a colonel in the United... more »

le Fras

le Fras was the ex-husband of Moufida Bourguiba. more »

Lee Hsien Loong

Lee Hsien Loong is the third Prime Minister of Singapore, in office since 2004. He is the eldest... more »

Leland C. Shepard Jr.

Leland Casper "Bob" Shepard Jr. was a retired Brigadier General in the United States Air Force... more »

Lemuel Penn

Lt. Col. Lemuel Augustus Penn was a decorated veteran of World War II and a United States Army... more »

Lennart Torstensson

Lennart Torstensson, Count of Ortala, Baron of Virestad, was a Swedish Field Marshal and... more »

Leo Alphonso Milligan

Leo Alphonso Milligan was the father of Spike Milligan. more »

Leon Rupnik

Leon Rupnik, also known as Lav Rupnik or Lev Rupnik was a Slovene general during the Kingdom of... more »

Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas is a military officer and the father of Khleo Thomas. more »

Leonard Henry Rochford

Leonard Henry Rochford DSC & Bar, DFC was a British World War I Flying Ace with twenty-nine... more »

Leonard Messel

Leonard Messel was a military officer. more »

Leonardus Benjamin Moerdani

Leonardus Benjamin Moerdani was the ABRI Commander from 1983 to 1988 and also served as... more »

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