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Valentim Loureiro

Valentim dos Santos de Loureiro, ComM is a Portuguese politician, and former football chairman... more »

Valery Havard

Valery Havard, was a career army officer, physician, author, and botanist. Although he held many... more »

Vasco Gonçalves

General Vasco dos Santos Gonçalves was a Portuguese army officer in the Engineering Corps who... more »

Vasco Joaquim Rocha Vieira

Vasco Joaquim Rocha Vieira, GCC, GCIH, ComA, was the last Governor of Macau. more »

Vassilios Panagoulis

Vassilios Panagoulis is the father of Alexandros Panagoulis. more »

Vaughan Smith

Henry Vaughan Lockhart Smith is an English restaurateur, sustainable farmer, news pioneer and... more »

Veljko Kadijević

Veljko Kadijević is a former General of the Yugoslav People's Army. He was the Minister of... more »

Vicente Guerrero

Vicente Guerrero was one of the leading revolutionary generals of the Mexican War of... more »

Victor Bertrandias

Victor Bertrandias was the husband of Marguerite Clayton. more »

Victor Hugo de Azevedo Coutinho

Victor Hugo de Azevedo Coutinho, 18th Count of Azevedo GCC, GCA, was a Portuguese naval officer,... more »

Viktor Lutze

Viktor Lutze was the commander of the Sturmabteilung succeeding Ernst Röhm as Stabschef. He died... more »

Vincent Vittoz

Vincent Vittoz is a French cross-country skier and non-commissioned officer. He grew up in the... more »

Virayudh Tishyasarin

Virayudh Tishyasarin was the husband of Chulabhorn Walailak. more »

Vitaly Markovich Primakov

Vitaliy Markovych Prymakov or Vitaly Markovich Primakov, was a Ukrainian red cossack, soviet... more »

Vivian Davies

Vivian Gordon Davies was an English rugby union player. He won two caps for England, the first... more »

Vladas Karvelis

Vladas Karvelis is the father of Rimgaudas Karvelis. more »

Vladimir Zhdanov

Vladimir Ivanovich Zhdanov was a Colonel-General of Tank Troops in the armed forces of the... more »

Vo Nguyen Giap

Võ Nguyên Giáp is a retired General of the Vietnam People's Army and a politician. Giáp was a... more »

Vojo Abramović

Vojo Abramović is a commander. more »

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