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Ijuin Gorō

Marshal Admiral Baron Ijūin Gorō was a Meiji-period career officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy. more »

Ike Atkinson

Leslie "Ike" Atkinson is a former US Army master sergeant and convicted drug trafficker,... more »

Ikrimah ibn Abi-Jahl

Ikrimah ibn Abi Jahl, was an important early Muslim leader and companion of Muhammad. As the son... more »

Ilan Harari

llan Harari is a retired Israel Defense Forces brigadier general who served as chief education... more »

Ilario Pantano

Ilario Gregory Pantano is a former United States Marine Corps second lieutenant. He has also... more »

Ilia Odishelidze

Ilia Odishelidze; Russian: Илья Зурабович Одишелидзе, Ilya Zurabovich Odishelidze was a Georgian... more »

Ilie Antonescu

Ilie Antonescu was a Major General of the Romanian Armed Forces during World War II. He became a... more »

Ilie Ceauşescu

Ilie Ceaușescu was a Romanian army general and communist politician who served as Deputy Defence... more »

Ilie Creţulescu

Ilie Cretulescu was a Romanian Major-General during World War II. He was Chief of Staff IV Corps... more »

Ilie Șteflea

Ilie Șteflea was a Romanian General during World War II and Chief of the Romanian General Staff... more »

Iliff David Richardson

Iliff David "Rich" Richardson was simultaneously a US Navy Ensign and a US Army Major whilst... more »

Ilija Trifunović-Birčanin

Ilija Trifunović-Birčanin was a Serbian Chetnik military commander. He took part in the Balkan... more »


Illangulién, Quiromanite, Queupulien or Antiguenu, was the Mapuche toqui elected to replace... more »

Ilmari Juutilainen

Eino Ilmari "Illu" Juutilainen was a fighter pilot of the Ilmavoimat, and the top scoring... more »

Iltyd Nicholl Clayton

Brigadier Sir Iltyd Nicholl Clayton CBE was a British Army officer notable for his attachment to... more »

Im Gyeong-eop

Im Gyeong Eop was a prominent Korean general during the Joseon Dynasty. He participated in... more »

Imam-Quli Khan

Imam-Quli Khan was an Iranian military and political leader of Georgian origin who served as a... more »

Immanuel J. Klette

LtCol. Immanuel J. Klette, aka Manny Klette, was a bomber pilot and squadron commander in the... more »

Immanuvel Devendrar

Emmanuvel Sekaranar was a revolutionary of Tamil Nadu against the caste untouchability and... more »

Immo Fritzsche

Immo Fritzsche was a highly decorated Hauptmann in the Luftwaffe during World War II and a... more »

Immortal Six Hundred

In 1864, the Confederate Army imprisoned 50 Union Army officers as human shields against federal... more »

Imran Ullah Khan

Lieutenant General Imran Ullah Khan is a retired Pakistan Army general. He remained the Governor... more »

Imtiaz Ahmed

Brigadier Imtiaz Ahmed is a retired one-star general of the Pakistan Army who served as a former... more »

Indra Lal Roy

Indra Lal Roy, DFC was the first Indian flying ace. He served in the First World War with the... more »

Indzhe Voyvoda

Indzhe Voyvoda was a renowned leader of an armed band of outlaws in Ottoman-held Bulgaria. He... more »

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