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K. Thanabalasingam

Rear Admiral Tan Sri Dato' Seri K. Thanabalasingam is the third chief of the Royal Malaysian... more »

K. W. T. Nissanka

Second Lieutenant K. W. T. Nissanka PWV, GR † was a Sri Lankan army officer who was the platoon... more »

K.M. Hussain

Commodore Khalid Mahmood Hussain, HJ, best known as Commodore K.M. Hussain, is a 1-Star rank... more »

Kaare Sundby

Kaare Sundby was a Norwegian engineer who was executed during the occupation of Norway by Nazi... more »

Kaarlo Edward Kivekäs

Kaarlo Edward Kivekäs was a Finnish general. He was the Chief of Defence of the Finnish Defence... more »

Kaarlo Heiskanen

Kaarlo Aleksanteri Heiskanen was a Finnish general and Knight of the Mannerheim Cross. He was... more »

Kaarlo Leinonen

Kaarlo Olavi Leinonen was a Finnish general and Minister of Defence. He was the Chief of Defence... more »

Kabayama Sukenori

Count Kabayama Sukenori was a Japanese samurai military leader and statesman. He was a general... more »

Kabir Andarabi

During the Civil War in Afghanistan, General Kadir Andarabi was one of the top commanders of... more »

Kady Brownell

Kady Brownell was a vivandière who helped the Union army during the American Civil War. She went... more »

Kagher Neiber-Shieg

Kagher Neiber-Shieg was a Canadian-born German fighter ace. more »

Kai Bräundle-Schmidt

Kai Bräundle-Schmidt was a highly decorated Major der Reserve in the Wehrmacht during World War... more »

Kai Ryssdal

Kai Ryssdal best known as an American radio journalist and the host of Marketplace, a business... more »

Kaju Sugiura

Kaju Sugiura, was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. more »

Kakuji Kakuta

Kakuji Kakuta, was an admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. He is noted for... more »

Kaleem Saadat

Air Chief Marshal Kaleem Saadat Rana, NI, is a retired four-star general who was the Chief of... more »

Kalev Sepp

Dr. Kalev I. Sepp is Senior Lecturer in Defense Analysis at the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School... more »

Kalfie Martin

Lieutenant-General Henry James "Kalfie" Martin SM CBE DFC was a South African military... more »


Kalfun was the first Emir of Bari during the Islamic control of that Apulian city. He was of... more »

Kamal Ram

Sepoy Kamal Ram VC was an Indian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Kambampati Nachiketa

Wing Commander Kambampati Nachiketa Vayusena Medal, is a serving officer of the Indian Air... more »

Kamimura Hikonojō

Baron Kamimura Hikonojō was an early admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy later commanding the... more »

Kamio Mitsuomi

Kamio Mitsuomi, 1st Baron, GCMG was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, who commanded the... more »

Kanang anak Langkau

PW 1 Temenggong Datuk Kanang anak Langkau, SP, PGB, PGBK, PBS was a Malaysian hero and soldier... more »

Kanao Inouye

Kanao Inouye was a Canadian citizen convicted of high treason and war crimes for his actions... more »

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