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Nikolai Yanushkevich

Nikolai Nikolaevich Yanushkevich was a Russian General who served as Chief of Staff of the... more »

Nikolajs Galdiņš

Nikolajs Galdiņš was an Obersturmbannführer in the Waffen SS during World War II. He was awarded... more »

Nikolaos Douvas

Nikolaos Douvas served as the Chief of Staff of the Hellenic Army. General Douvas was honourably... more »

Nikolaos Miaoulis

Nikolaos Miaoulis was a Greek navy personnel. He was the son of Antonios Miaoulis, a... more »

Nikolaos Roussen

Nikolaos Roussen was a Greek naval officer who distinguished himself during World War II. He... more »

Nikolaos Votsis

Nikolaos Votsis was a Greek naval officer who distinguished himself during the Balkan Wars and... more »

Nikolaos Zervas

Nikolaos Zervas was a Greek revolutionary and Army general. Zervas was born in Souli, Epirus,... more »

Nikolaus Büsen

Dr. Nikolaus Büsen was a German Luftwaffe reconnaissance pilot and recipient of the Knight's... more »

Nikolaus von Falkenhorst

Nikolaus von Falkenhorst was a German General in World War II. He planned and commanded the... more »

Nikolaus von Vormann

Nikolaus von Vormann was a highly decorated General der Panzertruppe in the Wehrmacht during... more »

Nikolaus zu Dohna-Schlodien

Nikolaus Burggraf und Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien was a German naval officer and author. more »

Nikolay Abramashvili

Nikolay Georgiyevich Abramashvili was a Soviet fighter ace who fought in the Great Patriotic War. more »

Nikolay Dukhonin

Nikolay Nikolayevich Dukhonin was a Russian general, the last commander-in-chief of the Russian... more »

Nikolay Gerasimovich Kuznetsov

Nikolay Gerasimovich Kuznetsov was a Soviet naval officer who achieved the rank of Admiral of... more »

Nikolay Iudovich Ivanov

Nikolay Iudovich Ivanov was a general in the Imperial Russian Army during World War I. more »

Nikolay Ivanovich Demidov

Nikolay Ivanovich Demidov was a Russian General of Infantry, Adjutant-General and senator. more »

Nikolay Kamensky

Count Nikolay Mikhailovich Kamensky was a Russian general who outlived his father, Field Marshal... more »

Nikolay Karlovich Krabbe

Nikolay Karlovich Krabbe was an admiral of the Russian Imperial Navy. After graduating from... more »

Nikolay Kokorin

Nikolay Kirillovich Kokorin, was one of the most successful Russian flying aces and fighter... more »

Nikolay Krasnov

Nikolay Ivanovich Krasnov was a major-general of the Imperial Russian Army. Nikolay Krasnov was... more »

Nikolay Mordvinov

Count Nikolay Semyonovich Mordvinov was one of the most reputable Russian political thinkers of... more »

Nikolay Nikanorovich Belov

Nikolay Nikanorovich Belov was a Red Army World War II major-general who commanded the 15th... more »

Nikolay Raevsky

Nikolay Nikolayevich Raevsky was a Russian general and statesman who achieved fame for his feats... more »

Nikolay Shchors

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Shchors was a Red Army commander, member of the Russian Communist Party,... more »

Nikolay Sutyagin

Captain Nikolay Sutyagin was a Soviet fighter pilot in the Second World War and the Korean War... more »

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