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Ola L. Mize

Ola Lee Mize is a retired United States Army officer and a recipient of the Medal of Honor for... more »

Olaf Rye

Olaf Rye was a Norwegian-Danish military officer. He served as a major-general and played a... more »

Olaf Schmid

Staff Sergeant Olaf Sean George Schmid GC was a British Army bomb disposal expert who was killed... more »

Olans Johnsen

Captain Olans Charles William Johnsen DFC was a World War I flying ace credited with five aerial... more »

Olav Nilsson

Amongst the members of the Skanke family that went on to serve as knights of first the Norwegian... more »

Olavi Alakulppi

Olavi Alakulppi was a Finnish cross country skier who competed in the 1930s. During the... more »

Oldwig von Natzmer

Oldwig Otto von Natzmer was a highly decorated Generalleutnant in the Wehrmacht during World War... more »

Ole C. Johnson

Ole Johnson was a Norwegian-American soldier in the American Civil War who served with the... more »

Oleg Kalugin

Oleg Danilovich Kalugin, is a former KGB general and double agent. He was a longtime head of KGB... more »

Oleg Kozlov

Major General Oleg Aleksandrovich Kozlov is a Russian military officer and recipient of the Hero... more »

Oleg Ozerov

Oleg Nikolayevich Ozerov was born on June 17, 1922 in Spassk, Ryazan Oblast. After finishing... more »

Oleksander Hrekov

Oleksander Petrovych Hrekov was a general of the Imperial Russian Army, Ukrainian People's Army,... more »

Oleksander Osetsky

Oleksander Osetsky was a Ukrainian military officer. He was a general in the army of the... more »

Oleksandr Udovychenko

Oleksandr Ivanovych Udovychenko, February 20, 1887 - April 19, 1975, was a General of the Army... more »

Oleksiy Fedorov

Oleksiy Fedorovych Fedorov, one of the leaders of Soviet partisan movement during the second... more »

Olinto M. Barsanti

Olinto Mark Barsanti was commander of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam from 1967–1968,... more »

Oliver Brooks

Oliver Brooks VC was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most... more »

Oliver Bryson

Oliver Campbell Bryson, GC, MC, DFC and Bar, was a career Royal Air Force officer who served in... more »

Oliver Churchill

Major William Oliver Churchill DSO MC was an SOE officer during World War II. Shortly after the... more »

Oliver Colin LeBoutillier

Captain Oliver Colin LeBoutillier was a World War I aviator who witnessed the death of Manfred... more »

Oliver Cyril Spencer Watson

Oliver Cyril Spencer Watson VC DSO was an English soldier who was posthumously awarded the... more »

Oliver David Jackson

Brigadier Oliver David Jackson DSO, OBE was a senior officer in the Australian Army, seeing... more »

Oliver De Lancey

Major-General Oliver De Lancey, also known as Oliver Delancey and Oliver de Lancey, was a... more »

Oliver De Lancey

General Oliver De Lancey, also known as Oliver DeLancey and Oliver de Lancey, was a British Army... more »

Oliver Duff Greene

Oliver Duff Greene was a Union officer who received the Medal of Honor on December 13, 1893 for... more »

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