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T. B. Simatupang

Tahi Bonar Simatupang was a soldier who served in the Indonesian National Revolution and went on... more »

T. Michael Moseley

General Teed Michael Moseley, USAF is a retired United States Air Force General who served as... more »

T. N. De Silva

Major General T. N. De Silva, USP, psc, SLAC is a Sri Lankan general, who was the former General... more »

T. Neville Stack

Captain Thomas Neville Stack AFC was a 1920s test pilot, air racer and aviation pioneer. He... more »

T. Peet

Thomas Eric Peet was an English Egyptologist. more »

T. S. B. Sally

Brigadier Tuan Samayraan Buhary Sally, SLSR was a Sri Lankan military leader, he was the Chief... more »

T. S. R. Boase

Thomas Sherrer Ross Boase, MC, FBA was an art historian, university teacher, and Vice-Chancellor... more »

Tad J. Oelstrom

Tad J. Oelstrom is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General who now serves as the... more »

Tadashi Kaneko

Tadashi Kaneko was an officer, ace fighter pilot, and leader in the Imperial Japanese Navy... more »

Tadashi Sumiyoshi

Tadashi Sumiyoshi was a major general in the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific campaign... more »

Tadashige Daigo

Marquis Tadashige Daigo was a vice admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. more »

Tadayoshi Sano

Tadayoshi Sano, was a lieutenant general and commander in the Imperial Japanese Army during... more »

Tadeusz Bielecki

Tadeusz Bielecki was a Polish politician and writer. Personal secretary to Roman Dmowski, member... more »

Tadeusz Góra

Tadeusz Góra was a Polish glider and military pilot. Born in Kraków, Austria-Hungary he was the... more »

Tadeusz Kasprzycki

Tadeusz Adam Kasprzycki was a member of the Polish Legions in First World War, major general of... more »

Tadeusz Kotz

Tadeusz Kotz was a Polish pilot and fighter ace of World War II. He was awarded several... more »

Tadeusz Kurcyusz

Tadeusz Kurcyusz was a colonel of the Polish Army. He was in command of the National Armed... more »

Tadeusz Kutrzeba

Tadeusz Kutrzeba was an army general of the Second Polish Republic. Kutrzeba was born in Kraków,... more »

Tadeusz Machalski

Tadeusz Machalski was a Polish military officer and a diplomat. Serving in the Polish Army in... more »

Tadeusz Piskor

Tadeusz Piskor was a Polish Army general. Before World War I, he was a member of Polish... more »

Tadeusz Sapierzyński

Colonel Tadeusz Sapierzyński is a Polish Army officer, former commander of the special forces... more »

Tadeusz Sawicz

Tadeusz Władysław Sawicz was a Polish World War II fighter pilot. He served in the Polish Air... more »

Tadeusz Żenczykowski

Tadeusz Żenczykowski pseudonym Kania, Kowalik, Zawadzki was a Polish lawyer, political activist,... more »

Taffy Williams

Hugh "Taffy" Williams was a professional soldier of fortune who served in the Congo with Mike... more »

Taga Takatada

Taga Takatada was a Japanese military leader of the Muromachi period. He was a vassal of the... more »

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