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Xaver Bittl

Franz Xaver Bittl was a highly decorated Oberfeldwebel in the Wehrmacht during World War II. He... more »

Xavier Dannhuber

Lieutenant Xavier Dannhuber was a German World War I flying ace credited with eleven aerial... more »

Xavier Debray

Xavier Blanchard Debray was a French-born soldier and diplomat who immigrated to the United... more »

Xavier Magne

Vice-Amiral Xavier Magne is a French Navy officer, current commander of European Maritime Force. more »

Xavier Moissinac

Marechal-des-Logis Xavier Jean-Marie Louis Moissinac was a World War I flying ace credited with... more »

Xawery Czernicki

Rear Admiral Xawery Stanisław Czernicki was a Polish engineer, military commander and one of the... more »


Xenarchos was a Greek general of the Achaean League in Ancient Greece who served only for a year... more »


Xenon was an officer in the service of Antiochus III the Great, who was sent, together with... more »

Xhemal Aranitasi

Xhemal Aranitasi - was a general and commander in chief of the Royal Albanian Army. He was the... more »

Xhemal Gjunkshi

Xhemal Gjunkshi is the Chief of General Staff of the Albanian Armed Forces. more »

Xia Chuzhong

Xia Chuzhong was a KMT general from Yiyang, Hunan. more »

Xiahou Ba

Xiahou Ba, style name Zhongquan, was a military general of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms era... more »

Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun, style name Yuanrang, was a military general serving under the warlord Cao Cao in the... more »

Xiahou Mao

Xiahou Mao, style name Zilin, was a military general and civilian administrator of Cao Wei... more »

Xiahou Shang

Xiahou Shang, style name Boren, was a military general of the state of Cao Wei during the Three... more »

Xiahou Yuan

Xiahou Yuan, style name Miaocai, was a military general serving under the warlord Cao Cao in the... more »

Xiang Rong

Xiang Rong 向榮 born in Wuxi County Chongqing, was a general promoted from the rank of a foot... more »

Xiang Ying

Xiang Ying was a war-time Chinese communist leader reaching the rank of political chief of staff... more »

Xiao Baoyin

Xiao Baoyin, courtesy name Zhiliang, was an imperial prince of the Chinese dynasty Southern Qi... more »

Xiao Ke

Xiao Ke was a general in the People's Liberation Army of China, former vice chairman of the... more »

Xiao Mohe

Xiao Mohe, courtesy name Yuanyin, was a general of the Chinese dynasties Chen Dynasty and Sui... more »

Xie Hui

Xie Hui, courtesy name Xuanming, was a high level general of the Chinese dynasty Liu Song, who,... more »

Xie Jinyuan

Xie Jinyuan was a Chinese Nationalist military officer famous for commanding the Defense of... more »

Xie Xuan

Xie Xuan, courtesy name Youdu, formally Duke Xianwu of Kangle, was a Jin Dynasty general who is... more »

Xiong Guangkai

Xiong Guangkai was born in Shanghai in 1939. He joined the army in 1956 and the Chinese... more »

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