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Y. B. Rowdy

Rowdy was a United States Army Indian scout and a recipient of the United States military's... more »

Y. Balaretnarajah

Major General Y. Balaretnarajah, VSV, USP, ndc, SLAC is a Sri Lankan military leader, he was the... more »

Yaakov Turner

Yaakov Terner is the former mayor of Beersheba and Israeli general. Terner held the position for... more »

Yadollah Javadpour

Major Yadollah Javadpour was a fighter pilot in the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, serving... more »

Yair Golan

Aluf Yair Golan is a general in the Israel Defense Forces and currently the head of Israeli... more »

Yair Naveh

Yair Naveh is a Major General in the Israel Defense Forces and a former Deputy Chief of the... more »

Yakov Agranov

Yakov Saulovich Agranov was the first chief of Soviet Main Directorate of State Security and a... more »

Yakov Alksnis

Yakov Ivanovich Alksnis was the commander of Red Army Air Forces in 1931–1937. more »

Yakov Cherevichenko

Yakov Timofeyevich Cherevichenko was a Soviet military leader. more »

Yakov Dashevsky

Yakov Sergeyevich Dashevsky was a Soviet Red Army military intelligence officer and... more »

Yakov Kreizer

Yakov Grigorevich Kreizer was a Soviet field commander. more »

Yakov Kulnev

Yakov Petrovich Kulnev was, along with Pyotr Bagration and Aleksey Yermolov, one of the most... more »

Yakov Pavlov

Yakov Fedotovich Pavlov was a Soviet Red Army soldier who became a Hero of the Soviet Union on... more »

Yakov Smushkevich

Yakov Vladimirovich Smushkevich was Commander of the Soviet Air Force. He participated in the... more »

Yakov Vinichenko

Yakov Ivanovich Vinichenko, is a World War II Soviet veteran. Drafted into the war in 1941. In... more »

Yakov Zhilinskiy

Yakov Zhilinski was Chief of Staff of the Imperial Russian Army prior to World War I and... more »

Yakup Satar

Yakup Satar was, at 110, believed to have been the last Turkish veteran of the First World War... more »

Yakup Şevki Subaşı

Yakup Şevki Subaşı, also known as Yakub Shevki Pasha was a general of the Ottoman Army and the... more »

Yakym Somko

Yakym Somko, was a Ukrainian Cossack military leader of the Pereyaslav regiment and was the... more »

Yamakawa Hiroshi

Baron Yamakawa Hiroshi was a samurai of late Edo period Japan who went on to become a noted... more »

Yamanashi Hanzō

Yamanashi Hanzō was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army, Minister of War and... more »

Yamashita Gentarō

Baron Yamashita Gentarō was an admiral in the early Imperial Japanese Navy. more »

Yamaya Tanin

Tanin Yamaya was a naval theorist and admiral in the Imperial Japanese Navy during the early... more »

Yamazaki Susumu

Yamazaki Susumu was a Shinsengumi officer and spy, otherwise known as a kansatsu. He was a ronin... more »

Yan Hongyan

Yan Hongyan was a general of the People's Liberation Army of China. Yan was born in Anding... more »

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