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Yoshinori Shirakawa

Yoshinori Shirakawa was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army. more »

Yoshio Fukui

Yoshio Fukui was an officer and ace fighter pilot in the Imperial Japanese Navy during the... more »

Yoshio Shiga

Yoshio Shiga was an officer, ace fighter pilot, and leader in the Imperial Japanese Navy during... more »

Yoshio Tachibana

Yoshio Tachibana was a lieutenant general of the Japanese Imperial Army. He was commander of the... more »

Yoshitoshi Tokugawa

Lieutenant General Baron Yoshitoshi Tokugawa was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army and one... more »

Yoshitsugu Saitō

Yoshitsugu Saitō was a lieutenant general in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. more »

Yoshitsugu Tatekawa

Yoshitsugu Tatekawa was a lieutenant-general in the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. He... more »

Yoshiyuki Kawashima

Yoshiyuki Kawashima was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army and Army Minister in the 1930s. more »

Yossef Gutfreund

Yossef Gutfreund was an Israeli wrestling judge for his country's 1972 Olympic team. He was... more »

Yossi Ben Hanan

Aluf Yossi Ben Hanan was born in Jerusalem, Israel, in 1945. His father, Michael Ben Hanan... more »

Young Marshall Moody

Young Marshall Moody was a Confederate States Army officer who was promoted to brigadier general... more »

Young-Oak Kim

Colonel Young-Oak Kim, a highly-decorated U.S. Army combat veteran of World War II and the... more »

Younus Changezi

Lt.Col. Younus Changezi is a politician from Baluchistan, Pakistan and one of the best football... more »

Youra Eshaya

Youra Eshaya Pera is a former Iraqi and ethnic Assyrian and football player who was the first... more »

Yrjö Keinonen

Yrjö Ilmari Keinonen was a Finnish General of the Infantry and Knight of the Mannerheim Cross... more »

Ysmael R. Villegas

Staff Sergeant Ysmael R. Villegas, was a United States Army soldier who posthumously received... more »

Yu Chao'en

Yu Chao'en, formally the Duke of Han, was an eunuch official of the Chinese dynasty Tang... more »

Yu Dayou

Yú Dàyóu was a Chinese general during the Ming Dynasty, best known for the suppression of wokou... more »

Yu Hanmou

General Yu Hanmou was a KMT general from Guangdong. He was the Commander in Chief of the Chinese... more »

Yu Jin

Yu Jin, style name Wenze, was a military general serving under the warlord Cao Cao in the late... more »

Yu Jishi

Yu Jishi was a Chinese Nationalist military general from Fenghua, Zhejiang. He served with... more »

Yu Liang

Yu Liang, courtesy name Yuangui, formally Marquess Wenkang of Duting, was a Jin Dynasty official... more »

Yu Linxiang

Yu Linxiang is a general and the political commissar of the People's Armed Police of the... more »

Yu Qian

Yu Qian, a native of Qiantang, was a Chinese Defence Minister during the Ming dynasty. more »

Yu Xuezhong

General Yu Hsueh-chung was an officer in the armed forces of the Republic of China during World... more »

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