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Yuwen Huaji

Yuwen Huaji was a general of the Chinese dynasty Sui Dynasty who, in 618, led a coup against... more »

Yuwen Shu

Yuwen Shu, courtesy name Botong, formally Duke Gong of Xu, was an official and general of the... more »

Yuwen Tai

Yuwen Tai, nickname Heita, formally Duke Wen of Anding, later further posthumously honored by... more »

Yuwen Xian

Yuwen Xian, nickname Pihetu, formally Prince Yang of Qi, was an imperial prince of the Chinese... more »

Yuzō Matsuyama

Yūzō Matsuyama, was a lieutenant general in the Imperial Japanese Army during the Second... more »

Yuzuru Hiraga

Vice Admiral Baron Yuzuru Hiraga was a career naval officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy,... more »

Yves F. Barbaza

Sous Lieutenant Yves Felix Barbaza was a World War I fighter ace credited with five aerial... more »

Yvonne Baseden

Yvonne Jeanne de Vibraye Baseden was one of approximately 50 female SOE Agents. more »

Yvonne Cormeau

Yvonne Cormeau, born Beatrice Yvonne Biesterfeld was a heroine of the Special Operations... more »

Yvonne Rudelatt

Yvonne Rudelatt was a member of the Special Operations Executive during World War II and worked... more »

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