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Aaron Tosti

Aaron Tosti is the former drummer of the band Hawk Nelson. more »

Adira Amram

Adira Amram is an actress. more »

Adrian Miller

Adrian Miller is a 1997 Juno Award nominated music artist. more »

Ahmed Soultan

Ahmed Soultan is a Moroccan singer artist,considered as one of the leaders of the... more »

Alberto Savinio

Alberto Savinio, real name Andrea Francesco Alberto de Chirico was an Italian writer, painter,... more »

Alex Reeves

Alex Reeves is a music artist. more »

Alex Templeton-Ward

Alex Templeton-Ward is an English artist and musician. Templeton-Ward was the key writer behind... more »

Alexander Egger

Alexander Egger is an Italian graphic designer, conceptionist, artist, writer and musician. He... more »

Alexander Malinin

Aleksandr Malinin, in Russian Александр Малинин is a Russian singer who was named a People's... more »

Alexis Gideon

Alexis Gideon is a film score composer, a film director and a cinematographer. more »

Alicia Bay Laurel

Alicia Bay Laurel is an American artist, author, and musician. Laurel is best known for her 1970... more »

Allen Kim

Kim Kibum, now better known by his stage name in Japan Allen Kibum, is a South Korean idol... more »

Almighty Jahwell

Almighty Jahwell appeared in the 2013 film Muzik Luvahaz. more »

Anatol Pugaci

Anatol Pugaci is a music artist. more »

André Heller

Franz André Heller is an Austrian artist, author, poet, singer, songwriter and actor. more »

Andrew A. Peterson

Andrew A. Peterson is an artist, futurist, Semantic Web evangelist and blogger living in... more »

Andrew Jackman

Andrew Pryce Jackman was a keyboard player and arranger. He was in The Syn with bassist Chris... more »

Andrew Matheson

Andrew Matheson is a 1995 Juno Award nominated music artist. more »

Andrey Kiritchenko

Andrey Kiritchenko is a person known among experimental music fans as author and contributor of... more »

Andy "ROK" Guerrero

Andy "ROK" Guerrero is a member of the musical group Bop Skizzum. more »

Angela Bulloch

Angela Bulloch, is an artist who often works with sound and installation; she is recognised as... more »

Antti Sakari Saario

Antti Saario is a contemporary electroacoustic composer and academic. more »

Armen Ra

Armen Ra is an American artist and performer of Iranian-Armenian descent. Born in Tehran, Iran,... more »

Arturo Meza

Arturo Meza is a Mexican songwriter, musician, composer, singer, poet and writer. He is a... more »

Asher Roth

Asher Paul Roth, is an American hip hop recording artist from Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Roth is... more »

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