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Simone Buchanan, better known by the name C-Mone, is an MC from Nottingham, England. As well has... more »

C. Gibbs

C. Gibbs is an American singer and songwriter originally from San Diego, California, now based... more »

C.V. Jørgensen

C.V. Jørgensen is a Danish rock music composer and singer. more »


John Bergin is a writer, graphic novel artist, and musician best known for his book From Inside... more »

Cacai Velasquez

Cacai Velasquez is the sister of Regine Velasquez. more »

Cachao López

Israel "Cachao" López, often known as Cachao, was a Cuban musician and composer who helped... more »

Cacho Castaña

Cacho Castaña is a singer and actor. more »

Cacka Israelsson

Karl Erik "Cacka" Israelsson, född 23 augusti 1929 i Stockholm, död 10 januari 2013 i Uppsala,... more »

Cahit Berkay

Cahit Berkay is a composer, musician and film score composer. more »

Caiphus Semenya

Caiphus Semenya is a film score composer. more »

Cait Cuneo

Cait Cuneo is a musical artist. more »

Cakra Khan

Cakra Konta Paryaman or better known as his stage name Cakra Khan is a singer from Indonesia. more »

Cal Lampley

Cal Lampley was an American composer and producer. He composed and produced jazz compositions... more »

Cal Stewart

Cal Stewart was a pioneer in vaudeville and early sound recordings. He is best remembered for... more »

Caleb Warner

Caleb Warner, son of Langdon Warner. Marine engineer and acoustical turnkey engineer, classical... more »


Calibre, birth name Dominick Martin, is a Drum and Bass, and Liquid Funk, music producer and DJ... more »


Caligola is a worldwide network of artists founded in Northern Italy in the 1970´s, active in... more »

Calle Jularbo

Carl Jularbo, well known as Calle Jularbo and born as Karl Karlsson was the most famous Swedish... more »

Calley McGrane

Calley McGrane is an American fiddler and vocalist who fuses Celtic and modern rock music. more »

Calum Malcolm

Calum Malcolm is a Scottish record producer, sound engineer and keyboardist based in... more »

Calvin Newton

Calvin Newton, born in 1929, is a Gospel music singer and pioneering Contemporary Christian... more »

Calypso Rose

Calypso Rose born McCartha Linda Sandy-Lewis, April 27, 1940 in Bethel, Tobago is a calypsonian... more »


Camilla Lessona, conosciuta semplicemente come Camilla, è una cantante italiana. more »

Camilla Pasini

Camilla Pasini was an Italian operatic soprano. Her sister Lina Pasini-Vitale was a well known... more »

Camilla Ringquist

Camilla Ringquist is the mother of Elias Ringquist. more »

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