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Chakra Sonic

Viveck, born April 8, 1976, is a Malaysian hip hop artist . Viveck has featured with artistes... more »


Peter Pangerl, better known as Chakuza, is an Austrian rapper. more »

Chalermpol Malakham

Chalermpol Malakham is a singer from the Isan area of Thailand. Known mostly for the Luk Thung... more »

Chalía Herrera

Chalía Herrera, born Rosalía Gertrudis de la Concepción Díaz de Herrera y de Fonseca, was a... more »


Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool, better known as Chalkdust is a leading calypsonian from Trinidad... more »

Chamin Correa

Chamin Correa, is a Latin-American guitarist from Mexico. He is renowned in the Spanish-speaking... more »

Champa Kalhari

Champa Kalhari Jayasekara is a Sri Lankan singer. more »

Champion Doug Veitch

Douglas Veitch, better known as Champion Doug Veitch is a Scottish musician and songwriter. more »

Chance Thomas

Chance Thomas is a composer and producer of original music for video games, animation, films and... more »

Chanchal Bharti

Chanchal Bharti is an Indian sufi singer. She sings classical and semi-classical musical forms... more »

Chandrakant Sardeshmukh

Chandrakant Sardeshmukh was a Hindustani classical sitar player of the Maihar Gharana. He was... more »

Chang, Chih-chia

Chang Chih-Chia is a Taiwanese baseball player who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics and in... more »

Chango Spasiuk

Horacio "Chango" Spasiuk is an Argentine chamamé musician and accordion player. Of Ukrainian... more »


Changuito is a Cuban percussionist. more »

Channi Singh

Harcharanjit Singh Rupal OBE, known professionally as Channi Singh, is a British-Indian bhangra... more »

Chano Domínguez

Chano Domínguez is a Latin jazz, post bop and flamenco jazz pianist. He began in the progressive... more »

Chantal Renaud

Chantal Renaud is a Québécoise script writer, and a past yé-yé singer and actress. She is the... more »

Chantel McGregor

Chantel Dawn McGregor is a British blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter. more »

Chapelier Fou

Louis Warynski, dit Chapelier fou, né à Metz le 6 janvier 1984, est un artiste de musique... more »


Anthony Chaplain, dit Chaplain des Côtes d'Armor, est un auteur-musicien-interprète breton. Il... more »


Charは、日本のミュージシャン。ギタリスト、シンガー、音楽プロデューサーである。本名は、竹中 尚人。東京都品川区戸越出身。血液型はAB型。 more »

Chardon de Croisilles

Chardon de Croisilles or de Reims was an Old French trouvère and possibly an Occitan troubadour... more »

Charisse Arrington

Charisse Arrington is a R&B singer who was signed to MCA Records in the 1990s. Her biggest... more »


Vera Luttenberger better known as Charlee, is an Austrian electropop singer. more »

Charlelie Couture

Charlélie Couture is a French musician and multi-disciplinary artist, who has recorded over 25... more »

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