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Carolyn Yarnell

Carolyn Yarnell is an American composer and visual artist. A recipient of the Rome Prize,... more »

Carolyne Mas

Carolyne Mas is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and producer. Mas broke out... more »

Carrie Akre

Carrie Akre is a musician best known for her work with Seattle underground bands Hammerbox and... more »

Carroll Coates

Carroll Coates is a songwriter, composer, and lyricist. His works have been produced... more »

Carroll Roberson

Carroll Roberson is a well-known evangelist, gospel singer-songwriter, and author. He is founder... more »

Carsten Daerr & Daniel Erdmann

Daniel Erdmann ist ein deutscher Jazzsaxophonist und -flötist. more »

Carsten Lykke

Carsten Lykke, dansk musiker, voksede op i Jægerspris. Han startede poptrioen Ibens i 1993, hvor... more »

Carsten Woll

Carsten Woll was a leading Norwegian-American singer and recording artist of the 1910s and 1920s. more »

Cary Boyce

Cary Boyce is artistic co-director and composer-in-residence of the production company and... more »

Cary Gilbert

Cary Gilbert is a composer. more »

Cary Judd

Cary Judd is a singer/songwriter from Boise, Idaho. He has released four solo albums on the... more »


Caspar Wildner er en dansk rapper fra København, bedre kendt under kunstnernavnet Cas. Cas har... more »


Cascadeer is an indie-folk band from Brisbane, Australia currently consisting of Kieran Ryan,... more »


Cascadeur, de son vrai nom Alexandre Longo, est un chanteur et auteur-compositeur-interprète... more »


Orlando Guerra [gayr'-rah] was a popular Cuban singer, specialized in native musical forms such... more »

Case Maranville

Case Maranville was a member of the musical group, Casting Pearls. more »

Casey Tennis

Casey Tennis was a member of the musical group, Margot the Nuclear So and So's. more »

Casey Weston

Casey Weston is a singer-songwriter. She was one of the top two finalists on Adam Levine's team... more »

Caspar Othmayr

Caspar Othmayr was a German Protestant priest, theologian and composer. Othmayr was born in... more »

Caspar Phair

Caspar Phair was one of Lillooet, British Columbia's early settlers, arriving about 1877 to take... more »


Casquinha is a singer and composer. more »

Cassidy Haley

Cassidy Hugaert Haley is an American singer-songwriter and clothing designer based in Los Angeles. more »

Cassino Simpson

Wendell "Cassino" Simpson was an American jazz pianist, best known for his associations on the... more »

Cassius Henry

Cassius Henry is a singer from London. He had two record deals; firstly with Edel in 2002, which... more »

Cast King

Joseph D. "Cast" King was a country musician and songwriter from Old Sand Mountain, Alabama... more »

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