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Eduard Toldrà

Eduard Toldrà Soler was a Spanish Catalan conductor and composer. Toldrà played an important... more »

Eduard Wagnes

Eduard Wagnes was a conductor in the Austro-Hungarian Military, and composer of military... more »

Eduardo Costa

Eduardo Costa is a musician. more »

Eduardo De Crescenzo

Eduardo De Crescenzo is an Italian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for... more »

Eduardo Falaschi

Eduardo Falaschi is a Brazilian singer best known for his work as lead singer and songwriter... more »

Eduardo Falú

Eduardo Falú was a well-known Argentine folk music guitarist and composer. more »

Eduardo López Banzo

Eduardo López Banzo is a Spanish harpsichordist and conductor of baroque music. Banzo was born... more »

Eduardo Mateo

Eduardo Mateo was a Uruguayan singer, songwriter, guitarist and arranger. He played a key role... more »

Eduardo Paniagua

Eduardo Paniagua is a Spanish architect and musician, specializing in medieval Spanish... more »


Alice Edun is a singer who is of Nigerian-Russian descent but makes her home in Milan, Italy... more »

Edvin Marton

Edvin Marton is a Ukrainian composer and violinist of Hungarian ethnicity. He became known as... more »

Edward "Little Buster" Forehand

Little Buster was an American soul and blues musician. He was born sighted, but developed... more »

Edward Aldwell

Edward Aldwell was an American pianist, music theorist and pedagogue. He was particularly... more »

Edward Baird

Edward Baird was a pioneer Australian rugby league footballer, one of his country's first... more »

Edward Chun

Edward Chun is a singer-songwriter and music producer who is best known for writing and... more »

Edward Correa

Played with SA SANCTUARY from 1997-2001. Rejoined the band in January 2009 after settling up... more »

Edward Gamblin

Edward Gamblin was a Canadian country rock singer and songwriter, who was one of the most... more »

Edward Gooden

Quark is a musician. more »

Edward Henry Purcell

Edward Henry Purcell, organist, printer, and music publisher, was the son of Edward Purcell, and... more »

Edward Kreitman

Edward Kreitman is an American violin teacher and is widely respected as one of the preeminent... more »

Edward Llewellyn

Edward Beach Llewellyn was an American trumpeter, cornetist, and composer. more »

Edward M. Davis

Edward Michael Davis was the chief of the Los Angeles Police Department from 1969–1978, and... more »

Edward Meeker

Edward Meeker was an American US singer and performer, best known for his appearances on the... more »

Edward Michael S.

Edward Michael was a classical composer of British origin. more »

Edward Shippen Barnes

Edward Shippen Barnes was an American organist. more »

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