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O'Chi Brown

O'chi Brown is a dance music singer born in Tottenham, London, England. She scored two hits on... more »

O'Neill Spencer

William "O'Neill" Spencer was a jazz drummer and singer. He is most known for his work in the... more »


Octahvia, is a female singer from New York City. While she would later have several hits as a... more »

Octavio Brunetti

Octavio Brunetti is a piano player from Argentina. From early childhood, Brunetti was trained in... more »

Oda Slobodskaya

Oda Slobodskaya was a Russian born soprano who became a British citizen. Her biographer Maurice... more »

Odaline de la Martinez

Odaline de la Martinez is a Cuban-American composer and conductor, currently residing in the UK... more »

Odd Børretzen

Odd Lunde Børretzen was a Norwegian author, illustrator, translator, and one of the most... more »

Odd Nordstoga

Odd Nordstoga is a musician, actor and editor from Vinje in Telemark, Norway. In 2004, he went... more »

Odell Brown

Odell Elliott Brown Jr. was an American jazz organist. He was mainly active in the late 1960s... more »

Odette Dulac

Odette Dulac was a French singing actress, born 14 July 1865 in Aire-sur-Adour a diseuse in the... more »


Didier Odieu est né à Bruxelles en 1960. Chanteur et compositeur belge à l'univers grinçant et... more »

Odilio González

Odilio González is a Puerto Rican singer. González was born in 1939 in the center of the island... more »

Odoardo Spadaro

Odoardo Eugenio Giano Spadaro was an Italian singer-songwriter and actor. more »

Offer Nissim

Offer Nissim is a popular Israeli DJ and producer. He was born in 1964 in Tel Aviv,... more »

OG Ikonen

Joni Ikonen better known as OG Ikonen is a Finnish rapper. He was born in Kuopio but lives... more »

Ogirala Ramachandra Rao

Ogirala Ramachandra Rao was an Indian film actor, music director and multi instrumentalist,... more »

Ognjen Amidžić

Ognjen Amidžić is a Serbian TV host and singer. He is currently a member of the Flamingosi duo,... more »

Ogün Sanlısoy

Ogün Sanlısoy is a Turkish rock musician and pioneer among Turkish heavy metal vocalists. more »

Oğuz Kaplangı

Oğuz Kaplangı is a musician. more »

Oğuz Yılmaz

Oğuz Yılmaz is a folk musician in Turkey. He was born and grew up in Ankara, Turkey. He lived... more »

Oh, Hush!

Oh, Hush! is a recording artist, songwriter and Grammy nominated producer. Oh, Hush! is best... more »

Oiva Kaltiokumpu

Oiva Kaltiokumpu on suomalainen poliitikko, rikoskomisario ja laulaja. Hän toimi Suomen... more »


Rupert "Ojiji" Harvey is a Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Dance Hall, and Roots music musician who is known... more »

Ojo Taylor

Joey "Ojo" Taylor is a bassist, vocalist, and keyboardist best known for his work with the... more »

Okamura Takako

Takako Okamura is a Japanese singer. She had her debut in 1982 as part of the folk duo Aming... more »

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