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Archie Moore

Archie Moore, was an American professional boxer and the Light Heavyweight World Champion, who... more »

Armand Krajnc

Armand Krajnc is a Swedish-Slovenian boxer. more »

Armando Muniz

Armando Muniz is an actor, teacher and professional boxer. more »

Armando Ramos

Armando Ramos is an actor. more »

Arnold Taylor

Arnold Taylor was a South African boxer who became the WBA Bantamweight champion in 1973. more »

Art Aragon

Art Aragon was an actor. more »

Art Binkowski

Artur "Art" Binkowski is a Polish-born Canadian heavyweight boxer who competed for his adopted... more »

Arthur Abraham

Arthur Abraham is an Armenian-German professional boxer residing in Berlin. Abraham is the... more »

Arthur Chambers

Arthur Chambers was an Anglo-American boxer. more »

Arthur De Kuh

Arthur De Kuh was an actor and professional boxer. more »

Arthur Williams

Arthur "King" James Williams is a professional boxer. Williams became professional in 1989 and... more »

Artur Grigorian

Artur Grigorian is an Uzbek professional boxer of Armenian descent. Grigorian is a former WBO... more »

Artur Szpilka

Artur Szpilka, nickname "Szpila" -, is a Polish professional southpaw heavyweight boxer. He... more »

Arturo Fernández

Arturo Fernández Rodríguez is a Spanish actor who has appeared in numerous films since making... more »

Arturo Frias

Arturo Frias is a retired American boxer. He is a native of Montebello, California. more »

Arturo Gatti

Arturo "Thunder" Gatti was an Italian-born Canadian professional boxer. Born in Cassino, Italy... more »

Åsa Sandell

Åsa Maria Sandell is a Swedish journalist and professional super middleweight boxer. Sandell was... more »

Austin Trout

Austin Dwayne Trout, is an American professional boxer who fights out of Las Cruces, New Mexico... more »

Axel Schulz

Axel Schulz is a retired German heavyweight boxer. more »

Ayub Kalule

Ayub Kalule is a retired boxer from Uganda, who first came to prominence when he won the Amateur... more »

Azumah Nelson

Azumah Nelson, a native of Ghana, is a former professional boxer. He is widely considered as the... more »

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