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Bobby Pacquiao

Alberto Dapidran "Bobby" Pacquiao is a retired Filipino professional boxer. He is the younger... more »

Bobby Quarry

Robert Neil Quarry is the youngest brother of Jerry and Mike Quarry. Bobby Quarry was born in... more »

Bobo Olson

Carl Olson was an American boxer. He was the world middleweight champion between October 1953... more »

Bombardier Billy Wells

William Thomas Wells, better known as Bombardier Billy Wells, was an English heavyweight boxer... more »

Bonnie Canino

Bonnie Canino is a former women's boxing world featherweight champion for two different... more »

Brahim Asloum

Brahim Asloum born January 31, 1979 in Bourgoin-Jallieu, Isère is a French boxer. He won the... more »

Brenda Burnside

Brenda Burnside is a former women's boxing "journeywoman". Despite being given such title by... more »

Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is a professional boxer. more »

Brian London

Brian London, is a retired English heavyweight boxer. He was British and Commonwealth... more »

Brian Mitchell

Brian Mitchell is a former professional boxer and quite possibly the best South African boxer of... more »

Brian Viloria

Brian Viloria is a Filipino-American professional boxer He was a former WBO and WBA Flyweight... more »

Bridgett Riley

Bridgett Riley is a female boxer and motion picture stuntwoman from Oakville, Missouri. While... more »

Bruce Curry

Bruce Curry, is a former professional boxer. He was the WBC Super Lightweight Champion from 1983... more »

Bruce Seldon

Bruce Samuel Seldon is a retired American boxer who fought as a heavyweight. In forty-eight... more »

Bruce Woodcock

Bruce Woodcock was an English heavyweight boxer from Doncaster who held the British title and... more »

Bruno Arcari

Bruno Arcari is a former Italian light welterweight boxer who fought from 1964 to 1978. Arcari... more »

Bruno Girard

Bruno Girard was a French boxer at super middleweight and light heavyweight. The light-hitting... more »

Bud Taylor

Charles Bernard "Bud" Taylor was an American boxer from Terre Haute, Indiana. He was nicknamed... more »

Buddy Baer

Jacob Henry "Buddy" Baer was an American boxer. In 2003, Baer was chosen for the Ring Magazine's... more »

Buddy McGirt

James Walter "Buddy" McGirt was born on January 17, 1964, in the small town of Brentwood, New... more »

Bushy Graham

Bushy Graham was an Italian-American boxer from New York. He held the bantamweight championship... more »

Buster Douglas

James "Buster" Douglas is a former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion who scored a... more »

Buster Drayton

Buster Drayton, was a professional boxer in the Light Middleweight division. Drayton turned pro... more »

Buster Mathis

Buster Mathis was a boxer who had a very successful career as an amateur heavyweight boxer. He... more »

Buster Mathis, Jr.

Buster Mathis Jr., born March 25, 1970 in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an American former... more »

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